The Process of Fighting Candida

I’ve spoken with hundreds, if not thousands, of men and women over the last ten years, describing their lack of energy, inability to think clearly, onset of food allergies, decreased hormones and sex drive, recurring sinus infections, poor skin conditions, chronic poor digestion, acid reflux — the list goes on. These people had sought help from numerous doctors and alternative practitioners for years, trying to get rid of their candida, and often resulting in little to no improvement and, in some cases, worsening conditions.

Even those fortunate enough to speak with a doctor who recognized that candida overgrowth was the source of their problems, often had little success in getting better. Anti-fungal medications, probiotics, herbal supplementation and candida diets would temporarily bring their symptoms under control. Unfortunately, in almost every case, when the medications or diets decreased, the candida and it’s associated candida symptoms immediately returned. Many people have told me they’ve spent thousands of dollars on candida medications and supplements, while at the same time eating a low-carbohydrate candida diet, only to find the symptoms returning in full force once they stopped the treatment.

The first thing you need to know, once you’ve determined that you DO have candida (go here for an easy self-administered candida test), is…

Getting rid of candida can be EXTREMELY challenging. Only a few candida sufferers have, over the years, told me that they were able to return to a healthy balance with ease. Once the yeast overgrowth has spread throughout your body, it becomes much more of a challenge to correct.

Candida yeast infections are not just a female issue, even though we commonly think of it this way. They become systemic infections when the friendly bacteria in your intestinal tract gradually, or rapidly, are destroyed by antibiotics, medications, birth control pills, drinking chlorinated water, stress and simply by growing up eating a Western diet. The candida yeast fungi, which are stronger than the beneficial bacteria, survive the antibiotics or stressful conditions, and begin to thrive.

Candida is supposed to make up a very small part of your intestinal flora, necessary and beneficial when in balance. When too many of your friendly bacteria are killed, they are no longer able to keep the candida yeast in check. Candida yeast then explode in a growth frenzy filling into the space that was once inhabited by your friendly bacteria. They are stronger than the friendly bacteria and will overwhelm the remaining bacteria. Eventually this overgrowth of candida damages the intestinal wall and causes a leaky gut. Once this happens it spreads throughout your body.

Whether your symptoms are mild or overwhelming, depends upon how strong your immune system is, how long the candida overgrowth has existed, and the quality of your diet. Even mild cases can be a challenge to correct. Tough cases become almost impossible to deal with. Many people suffer tremendously, with their lives virtually wiped out, from extensive and chronic candida overgrowth. Get rid of your candida overgrowth before this happens.

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