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Support Adrenals and Thyroid

Because candida consumes blood sugar at night, the adrenals must “kick in” to maintain energy. At some point, the sufferer may end up with adrenal fatigue. Once the adrenals become low, their direct connection to the thyroid oftentimes leads to low thyroid function as well.

While the fundamental issue of candida overgrowth must be addressed, you can significantly improve adrenal and thyroid function by using Tyovu.This is a frequency-enhanced elixir specifically designed to optimize and improve issues associated with compromised adrenal and thyroid.*

Dosage Directions: If using 1 bottle per month: Take 1 squeeze plus 6 drops in the morning and 1 squeeze in the evening. If using 2 bottles per month: Take 3 squeezes in the morning and 2 squeezes in the evening. Take Tyovu at least 20 minutes or more away from food or drink.

*results may vary

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Frequency enhanced water.