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Increase Your Testosterone Levels Naturally Without Hormones

Testogen is a supercharged Custom Elixir T. It is equivalent to using 6 bottles a month of Custom Elixir T. There are more energies in it and a more powerful technology was used to concentrate these energies in Testogen.The energies aim to instruct your body to greatly increase — to the highest optimal levels — testosterone.

We call it Testogen because it’s designed to also tell your body to optimize alpha and beta estrogen levels. If alpha estrogen is too high, production is decreased, if beta estrogen — which males need — is too low, it instructs the body to increase production.*

As we age, according to all the research, low levels of testosterone are connected with increased health problems and even a greater likelihood of dying. Higher levels help to build muscle mass and reduce fat. Research is finding that even females will benefit from increased testosterone. Higher levels will help to increase bone density. Though the most noticable benefit will be, as with men, in the increase in sexual energy and libido. Use one bottle for a month’s supply.*

Dosage Directions: Take Testogen at least 20 minutes or more away from food or drink. Hold the dose in your mouth about 60 seconds before swallowing.

One squeeze on the dropper bulb fills the glass tube about an inch or so. Half a squeeze is approximately 6 drops. There are about 75 squeezes per bottle. When taking several squeezes or more of an elixir, or taking a number of these frequency enhanced elixirs together, it is most convenient to squeeze them all into a small glass and then drink the mixture. Be sure to hold this mixture of elixirs in your mouth for a minute before swallowing for optimal results. Again, if someone is not able to hold them for a minute, they still have benefit. You may want to increase the dose a bit if someone is not able to hold the elixirs for a minute.

If using 1 bottle per month: Take 1 squeeze plus 6 drops in the morning and 1 squeeze in the evening. If using 2 bottles per month: Take 3 squeezes in the morning and 2 squeezes in the evening.

*results may vary

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