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Dr. Phil Bate (orthomolecular psychologist) is the founder and developer of (audio) Neuroliminal Training.Dr. Phil Bate (orthomolecular psychologist) is the founder and developer of (audio) Neuroliminal Training. When used during sleep over a period of 90 days, this CD works to dissolve hidden or subconscious stressors that block everyday wellness and helps clear the path to healing and recovery. Dr. Bate’s acclaimed N.T. programs have greatly assisted individuals and families worldwide over the past fifteen years, and now have been expanded and greatly improved with other healing modalities.

Neuroliminal Training combines:
*Sensory Motor Response therapy, a proprietary (audio) process that engages the subconscious mind and modifys brain waves to improve specific conditions.
* Reflected Hypnotic Induction, a form of hypnosis that’s reconfigured into a powerful relaxation technique – now known as the highly successful Bate Technique. Both of these are interwoven onto an audio track (CD), and meshed into an ocean soundtrack that optimizes repair during sleep.

In Candida N.T., Dr Bate uses his understanding of the interdependence between toxicity and yeast overgrowth, and engages the subconscious mind in a cooperative venture, reducing toxic body burden as yeast overgrowth recedes. The subconscious releases underlying emotional stressors or triggers that may block recovery. This program also incorporates the proven Allergy N.T. to stop food allergies over the course of 90 days and promotes healthy eating.*

Dr Bate began his long and varied career as an electronic engineer. In the 1960’s and 70’s he was one of the original researchers in brain wave entrainment and EEG technology. During this period he became an accomplished hypnotherapist, and continued this work while taking his doctorate in psychology. He has had papers published describing new non-drug approaches to the alleviation of chronic headaches and migraines, overcoming allergies, and pseudo-schizophrenia. He has worked closely with many of the leading figures in allergy elimination, including Dr. George Von Hilsheimer, Dr. Abram Hoffer, the man who started the megavitamin revolution in treating schizophrenia, Dr. Carl Pfeiffer and Dr. Marshall Mandell.

Through years of use, Dr. Bates has found that ability to understand English is not a requirement to receive benefit from N.T. programs. Likewise N.T. works well for small children and infants. Each N.T. audio has been created as a “support” to your recovery efforts. These CD’s and tracks are not to be used as a substitute for appropriate healthcare advice and/or treatment. Dr. Bate has invested 50 years into the creation of this technology and is confident that with consistent use you will see positive results. In return he requests that you not transfer or copy his work without permission. Each CD can be copied ONLY for use within your household.

Dr Phil Bate guarantees all Neuroliminal CD’s for a minimum of 120 days. Anyone who tries a Neuroliminal CD for 60 days, and receives no noticeable improvement during that time may simply send the CD package back, and receive a refund (minus shipping and handling). Since in many cases, improvement occurs only after 40-60 days, it is important to use the Neuroliminal for at least that 60 day trial.

*results may vary