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Candida Die-Off Symptoms — What To Take If You Experience Severe Die-Off Symptoms

Several years ago, when we developed Custom Elixir Y, we noticed that it caused much fewer detox symptoms than usual. The product was killing candida subtly, by disrupting the life force vibrations of the yeast to the point where they eventually died, whole and intact, without being shredded up or destroyed in such a manner that they dumped their toxins rapidly. As a consequence, the toxins weren’t rapidly entering the bloodstream, and die-off symptoms were much less.

Custom Elixir Y also aims to reduce flare-ups. Candida flare-up is very common — when you feel like your condition is getting worse instead of better. As the candida activate to”fight back”, the body may develop a rash, vaginal infection, sinus infection, tiredness and/or mild, flu-like symptoms.
As Custom Elixir Y subtly alters the life force energies of the candida, there is little to no activation — they “die in their sleep”, so to speak.

The drawback with Custom Elixir Y was that best results required up to 6 bottles per month, which was expensive. Our solution to this was to use the new, more powerful technology to develop CandXpel.*

Again, CandXpel is suggested when you know that you can’t take candida fighters because your die off symptoms are too severe. In every other case, CandElim is the top recommendation.

Like CandXpel and FemBalance, Nymsar uses energetic vibrational frequencies concentrated in water to deliver instructions to your body. These instructions work to reduce or eliminate the major issues that cause so many of the symptoms that plague candida sufferers.*

First and foremost, Nymsar is designed to calm down the immune system to greatly reduce food allergies and, in fact, all allergic responses.

Chronic candida overgrowth almost always causes a leaky gut. As candida toxins damage the intestinal wall, the candida drill holes in this damaged wall, over time leading to the development of food allergies. At some point, the immune system may become so compromised that airborne allergies and chemical sensitivities also develop. These allergies cause a great deal of the fatigue and out-of-sortness that you may be suffering from.

The energies in Nymsar aim to reduce die off symptoms.

These energies support both liver function and cellular detoxification, so that your body can better handle the toxins released when candida is killed. This dumping of toxins released by dead candida typically overwhelms the liver and detoxification system, causing die off issues such as mild flu-like symptoms, tiredness, skin irritations and just plain feeling lousy.

Nymsar helps to reduce flare ups.

Nymsar technologies help to calm down the candida fungi, carrying instructions to halt their activity, reducing flare-up reactions such as rashes and itching. Flare ups occur when dormant candida fungi, “hiding out” from the immune system, activate to “fight back”. Flare ups are common — most people will experience them at some point.

By stilling the candida’s activity, Nymsar is intended to reduce their ability to fight back, enabling them to be more easily destroyed.

If you are one of the few who can’t take any candida fighting supplements because the die off makes you feel miserable, use Nymsar for one month before adding on CandXpel, giving your body time to recover and prepare.

Severe die-off occurs when dead candida releases/dumps toxins into the body. This stresses an already-compromised liver that has been dealing with normal candida waste toxins built up in the cells for years. Supporting the liver so that it can process the toxins is vital. Unfortunately, digestion is usually compromised by the massive candida overgrowth, depriving the liver of vital nutrients, weakening one of the body’s most important detoxifiers.

If you are nursing or pregnant and thus needing to avoid an overload of toxins entering the fetus or your baby, use Nymsar for a week before adding on CandElim — start at an extra low dose of CandElim (3 drops per day). Very gradually work up to the full dose of 30 drops per day.

If you need to begin eliminating your allergies right away, and want to avoid die-off and flare-up symptoms, take Nymsar along with CandElim at the same time. Get started using Nymsar at the full bottle per month dosage, but use just 6 drops of CandElim, minimizing any possible die-off symptoms. Gradually work up to the 30 drops per day dosage.*

A Quick Summary

The fundamental, anti-candida regimen starts with CandElim, at one bottle per month. It is affordable – and easy to take.

You may only need to be on full dosage for 3 or 4 months, before reducing to about a third of a bottle per month, keeping the candida in check, while rebuilding the intestinal flora and healing the body. Depending on which products are used, the extent of the candida, and your dietary choices, it could take longer.

Add on Nymsar, if needed, to reduce die off and flare ups — and to more rapidly work on reducing your allergies.

If you suffer from extremely severe die-off symptoms, use Nymsar and CandXpel. If your die-off symptoms are severe, you may even use Nymsar only for a month before adding on CandXpel, working up to a one bottle per month, for at least 6 months. (It is also possible to use 2 and up to 4 bottles a month of Nymsar if this is extremely severe.)

After knocking down the amount of Candida, or while doing so, you will also need to restore the intestinal flora balance in order to prevent candida from overgrowing again. More below on these other supplements.

We have found that TotalFlora15 may work to replenish the friendly bacteria in your guts when you have candida. We have noticed that most probiotics don’t work well at fighting candida. The candida is tougher than they are and wipes them out. And probiotics like ThreeLac and soil based organisms do not recolonize the intestinal tract. They die out in a few days.

GI Pro may accelerate healing the leaky gut and improving evacuation of the colon for faster results.

CandiClear5 is an additional candida killer that would more rapidly help you deal with GERD and digestive issues caused by Candida.*

Dosage Directions: If using 1 bottle per month: Take 1 squeeze plus 6 drops in the morning and 1 squeeze in the evening.If using 2 bottles per month: Take 3 squeezes in the morning and 2 squeezes in the evening.Take CandXpel at least 20 minutes or more away from food or drink. Hold in your mouth about 60 seconds before swallowing.

*results may vary

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