My Anti-Candida Crusade

By 2006, I had spoken to so many people whose lives had been made miserable by candida overgrowth, I was determined to develop a supplement for candida that eliminated it. To do so, I made use of a unique skill I had been taught.

About that time I had learned how to “energetically” test candida supplements to evaluate them for their effectiveness. I’ve been doing this testing ever since, and have found that it works quite well for me. The highest-rated supplements always seem to produce the best results with the most positive feedback. Using a logarithmic scale from 0 to 1000 (1000 being the “best”), I found the following:

Energetic Ratings for Candida Fighting Supplements

  • Herbs tended to be in the 200 range. (Scores of different sources vary only slightly, and are in the same general range.) Oregano oil – 230, Garlic Extract – 230, Caprylic Acid – 230, Grapefruit Seed Extract – 240, Olive Leaf Extract – 250. Herbs may initially work well, but candida adjust to them and they become less effective.
  • Oxygenation supplements fared poorly. In general, 180, with very high doses getting up to 220 or so. Hydrogen Peroxide IV’s, or Vitamin C high dose IV’s (also an oxygenator) tested at 300.
  • General Probiotics tested around 110. High-potency probiotics tested better, around 220. ThreeLac tests at 340. Using energetic testing to evaluate potential formulas, we did come up with a better probiotic for fighting candida, TotalFlora15, which tested at 420. In March of 2012 we began to energy infuse the friendly bacteria in TotalFlora15 with instructions to improve colonization, and to improve their ability to battle candida. TotalFlora15 now tests as being one of the best candida fighters we have seen, coming in at 620.
  • Enzyme formulations faired a little better in the testing. Ranging from 240 for the poorest-quality formulation and 310 for another well-known version. Again, using this type of testing to optimize a formulation, our CandiZyme4 was developed, which tests at 440. Candida Elix is a combination of enzymes and a number of herbs and other nutrients. Unfortunately you don’t get enough enzymes to be very effective, even with all the other nutrients. It tests at 270. This is good enough to produce this helped me testimonies, but not near good enough to knock out candida — and is not even near as good as the ThreeLac they seem to be competing with.
  • Leaky gut syndrome is often associated with candida, for which colostrum is often recommended. We developed a product called GI Pro which uses predigested fish protein peptides and probiotic greens to nourish and heal the intestinal wall, Colostrum comes in at around 280, depending on quality. GI Pro tests at 480.
  • Diatomaceous Earth, a fossilized marine phytoplankton, tested at 380 for killing candida. Making use of this testing, a much stronger version was developed that would absorb die-off toxins and the heavy metal most often associated with candida overgrowth, mercury. CandiClear5 tests at 650, significantly higher than the usual candida fighting supplements. I’ve had hundreds of people tell me over the years that CandiClear5 was by far the best supplement they had used.

Many practitioners say that to deal with candida, you first need to deal with mercury overload and copper toxicity.CandiClear5’s combination of ingredients is excellent as it works on grabbing hold of and eliminating these heavy metals. In addition, it also works to kill parasitic infections that most of the time can accompany chronic candida overgrowth. All the while working to absorb toxins eliminated by the candida when you kill them.

I came to realize that a staged approach would work best, first dealing with parasites and cleansing the digestive system, then confronting the candida, followed by boosting the immune system and healing the body as a whole — an intelligent approach to fighting candida.

I developed my own groups of supplemental recommendations for a comprehensive and staged approach, which produced the best results by far. The drawback was that it could be expensive and required more work (and money) than most people had.

A couple of years later, we developed additional powerful supplements that worked on several stages at one time, both aiming to kill candida and, at the same time, stimulating regeneration and boosting the immune system. This included a specially-processed essential oil elixir called Zernix, with energetic vibrational frequencies that work to disrupt and kill candida overgrowth and other pathogens too.

Zernix tested at 620 for fighting candida. We also began using Custom Elixir Y (testing at 480) which used vibrational energies to disrupt and kill candida, parasites and other pathogens, while minimizing die-offs and flare ups. As these energetic products boosted the immune response, and stimulated overall healing, the staged approach was no longer necessary.

The two problems still remaining? Expense and candida spores

So I asked myself — was it was possible to develop a more powerful candida killing supplement that could do the best possible job of killing candida, improving the immune system response, and eliminating spores released by candida when it reproduces? If the candida spores aren’t eliminated, they will bloom into a new candida overgrowth the first chance they get and your candida will always be coming back.

The Solution — CandElim — short for Candida Eliminate.

Even better now at ridding your body of candida with the addition of patent pending processed Olive Leaf Extract in addition to the small amounts of patent pending processed essential oils. CandElim’s processing makes the essential oils and olive leaf extract much more effective. This, combined with the energies supercharging their effectiveness skyrockets CandElim’s effectiveness at fighting candida to an amazing 980 on a logarithmic scale which goes from 0 to 1000. The higher the number the better it is.

Nothing else we have tested, and we’ve tested everything, even comes close.

The next highest rating supplement for fighting candida that I’ve ever tested — CandiClear5 — comes in at 650.  Most top supplements test at less than 400. Olive Leaf Extract on its own is 330. Essential oils on their own test around 250.

CandElim’s candida fighting ability tests far beyond anything else, and the results of people using it are showing that it is indeed the best candida fighter there is.

As we mentioned, CandElim is based on two types of proven candida fighters — essential oil based elixirs, supercharged and combined with additional energies, and a pure energetic frequency enhanced water elixir that disrupted and killed candida without causing much die off.

For several years I had noticed that our top pathogen fighters — killing bad bacteria, viruses, mycoplasma, and candida or other fungal infections, were essential oil elixirs. Omni Essential Oil Elixir, Azovin, and Zernix were three of the best. They used a combination of specially processed essential oils made using unique patent pending methods that greatly enhance their effectiveness in the body. So much so that only small amounts are used. These are combined with specific energetic vibrational frequencies that work synergistically with the essential oils to increase their effectiveness. They also boost the immune system response so that it will more effectively fight candida.

Secondly, energies — starting with the ones used to make Custom Elixir Y, which we had several years of use proving its effectiveness, were vibrationally infused into  CandElim. Next, many more vibrational frequencies were added to make it significantly more powerful. And then a much more potent laser technology was used to concentrate and stabilize the frequencies in the water.

As powerful a candida fighter as this product has proven to be, what sets its apart from all other candida fighters is….

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