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I have been diagnosed with asthmatic pulmonary bronchial aspergillosis and bronchiectasis. I have had a lobectomy and 15 bronchoscopies. In an effort to get the mold out of my lungs, I sought the help of a naturopathic physician that specialized in eliminating mold in people. The test he used to have a baseline for mold in my body was a test from RealTime Labs that measured mycotoxins. The first test showed high levels of 4 different mycotoxins. After working with the naturopath the second test showed two levels had slightly decreased, but two had increased. Then I began the elixirs that Robert recommended. I waited until I was on them faithfully for almost 6 months . When my tests results came back, I was normal in each of the 4 areas! I think even my naturopath was shocked. Now I am continuing with toxin eliminators from GHA, as per Robert’s recommendation.

Jane H., 9/26/17


I just wanted to tell you that not only is CandXpel helping get rid of my candida, but it’s also getting rid of my psoriasis!! I had 5 spots, 2 are completely gone, the others have shrunk to about half the size they were, or less! I can’t believe this! I know it’s CandXpel that’s doing it, I haven’t been taking anything else different. Wow!!! Thanks a million, this is a nice surprise!!! Have a great weekend!

Nanette C., 8/28/17

I feel great! I feel like a million bucks! Everything: My energy level, my mental clarity – I grew up in a house where we read a lot. I’m in my 60s now, but lately when I try to read, I start to nod off in a few minutes. With CandXpel, I’m reading like I did when I was 15-20 years old – I’m alert and awake the whole time. And I feel so much better when I eat now. Every time I used to eat [before starting on CandXpel], I would blow up to the size of my house, and I have very big house! Now I feel great after I eat. Whatever’s in this stuff, I just want people to know that it works!

-Elizabeth C., 7/14/17


I purchase the CandiElim on 4.16.12. I believe I received the order on 4.20.12. I started on 4.21.12 with the CandiElim. I am pleasantly surprised with the outcome. I cannot tell you how many supplements and home remedies and several Rx topical drugs I have tried to rid my body of the fungus. My last try was Colloidal Silver which did almost nothing except slight decrease in symptoms which would recur several days later.

The rash I had was on approximately 80% of my body. My abdominal area, anterior lower extremities, hands, back of forearms, are the areas where I had no rash. I am not rid of the rash completely, but I am almost symptom free, as I have some border redness in a few locations hanging on, the small bumps or pimples are gone, almost no itching, and I was in the sun on 5.6.12 in the Florida Keys on a boat for 5 hours and received a minor sunburn on the previous rash locations, which in the past would burn and peal and turn white again in preparation of another sunburn, that did not happen! I have had a normal skin reaction and darkening of the skin after the minor burn. My Daughter-In-Law was so impressed with my progress, she has started the treatment also today….

Thank you for such a comprehensive web site and great products.

Tom A.*

I received my combo pkg thurs, mar 22 (I quit taking store bought meds…my garlic pill & culterelle 3days prior).

Fri, I started taking the Nymsar and my tongue appears more clean. In the past i had to clean my tongue with raw garlic.

Sat I was in class & ate available snacks (brownies x5). I began to feel bad & yeast-itchy so I sat down to plan my CandElim Combo intake (was reluctant to begin combo since my hubby’s leaving town for 5days just in case reaction).

Time to act.

Lastnight, I drank 1 scoop of Candiclear 5 mixed with my tea/lemonade at 11pm (top of my feet itched 1/2hr later in bed). I woke up about 10am and my hubby suggested we go for a walk.

I thought I better watch my foot but realized my heel pain was/is gone!!!!! I mean I was ready to go see a doctor and use a cane last week because walking was unbareable for my foot. I AM FASCINATED AND GIVE GOD ALL THE GLORY FOR YOU AND YOUR TEAM WORKING TO HELP HEAL FOLKS LIKE ME. I am hopeful that if these meds have worked in 1/2 day…I anticipate a whole month of full treatment will be miraculous!!!
MVTO (thank-u)


I had used 2 containers of the CandiClear5. Then I started on the CandElim, I just started my third bottle. I am almost finished with my first bottle of GI Pro. I also had to use Nymsar to be able to use the full amount per day of the CandElim (2 & ½ droppers). The GI Pro made a huge difference with my Candida symptoms. I noticed this after about using ½ the bottle! So, I have a few questions…. How long should I use the GI Pro, and when should I start to use the Total Flora 15?

I have to tell you, your products are the best that I have used in my battle against candida. I can’t thank you enough! Finally, something that works! My hopes are high that I can get rid of this yucky stuff for good. I was having a lot of urinary and vaginal issues because of this it, also some joint pain. I saw a homeopathic doctor for about 4 yrs and never got this good of results!

I also do follow a “Candida Diet” & I am very much into organic/raw foods, but only as much as I can afford…

Thank you!


Hi Robert,
I’m glad you asked for my story!

I’ve been battling candida for several years now. My symptoms were: persistant yeast/bacterial infections, bladder infections, severe abdominal gas, skin rashes, and pain in my upper middle back. Once I realized what the symptoms were caused from, I stopped eating sugar, flour, yeast, etc. and started taking Candex, which gave me a small amount of relief. I also found a source for raw milk kefir to get my probiotics.
2 1/2 months ago I was still looking for help, and came across your website. The way you explained candida made a lot of sense. I used your saliva test method, and could tell that I still had a pretty severe case of candida. The strings in the water sank like lead. So I ordered your candi-elim, and the powder.

I immediately noticed some not-too-severe die-off symptoms, which was very encouraging to me! In the last two months my candida symptoms have virtually been eliminated, and the saliva test showed a dramatic improvement, although I think I still have a little way to go. I’m planning to stick with it as long as necessary to bring balance back into my body.
Thank you!!

Kathy B.*


I have been for another Electrodermal reading since your message. I ran out of CandElim, so I had not taken any in about 6 weeks. My candida was still there, but with a lower reading than ever. I think you were right and the more I thought about it, the more convinced I was. I have read over the years of research that candida would indeed mutate and hide in your body. I will soon order more CandElim and perhaps after 5 years of fighting it, finally eliminate it from my lungs completely.
Thank you for your help.


Linda V.*

Hello Robert

It’s good hearing from you. I love this product and would put others on it.

You know that I had a big problem with candida and with your help in 3 months it was gone. I’ve said it before and say it again your products Exlir are awsome. I have many thanks to you Robert and which you well in every thing you do.

best wishes and GOD bless

Sheri W.*

Dear Robert,

I have had yeast infections for nearly 4 years. Before that I’d never had one in my life. I had been exposed to a home that had mold problems once a week for about 4 hours each time for 6 years. (A ceramics class in a basement.) That is the only thing I can think of that might have caused my problem. I finally found out I had leaky gut at the end of Oct last year. I began the diet and then added herbs after 2 weeks. I felt so much better! I thought I had conquered the problem. After 3 months I added potatoes (only twice) and some white rice a few times. Suddenly the yeast was back. Very discouraging!

So I began looking on-line for another solution and found your site. I ordered your CandElim Combo pack. I have only been taking it for 2 weeks, but after less than 1 week, the vaginal yeast has disappeared & my joints are no longer aching. I was able to begin the full dosage recommended by the end of the first week. I stopped taking my herbs as soon as I started your products—I wasn’t sure if they should be taken together—and am continuing the strict diet. I figure I will need to continue your CandElim for many months since I have had the yeast problem for so many years. I am praying that your products will FINALLY be the death knell to my yeast problem. Thank you for such an informative site & wonderful products.

Sharon B.*

Hi Robert,

I would love to tell you about my experiences with your products. I started with Clear 5, had major die off in the beginning but worked pretty good to get Candida somewhat better. I had to watch my diet, however not as stringent as before, product. Although, I felt better, the Candida was still there. I also have leaky gut, with food allergies. Next I tried Candida Elm, this worked better. For about 2 weeks, I felt great, like the Candida was gone. However, when I added too may carbs and add some of my progestin cream, some of my symptoms return. Still I am far better than I have been in years. I am continuing both products along with Gi Pro for the 2nd month. Hopefully in a few months the Candida spores will be gone. I appreciate all your help, and research with Candida. It’s a terrible illness, and your products are far the best, I have yet to see. I will keep you posted on my progress. Next I will be ordering probiotics. Thanks again, keep getting the word out and, I will do the same.

Gina B.*

Read the rest of Gina’s story, all about Candida, Headaches and Fatigue.

Your recommendation for the Relief was spot on. My 14 year old had just reached puberty, and her body was going through terrible changes. I took her to the pediatrician twice because of her problems, but she kept getting misdiagnosed. We were fixing the candida problem down below, but it wasn’t doing anything for the overactive dandruff and scales on her scalp. It was you, through email, that correctly called. Once I treated her for candida the bloathing and scales went away. It wasn’t immediate, but it was effective.

I hope this helps.

Stefanie J.*

Hello, Robert!

I am glad to help out.

Just know that my stories aren’t exactly scientific because I am dealing with so many uncontrolled variables.

Good news: I did a spit test on my birthday (#60, April 12) and the spit stayed all glommed together with no streamers or flakes. There has been improvement with CandElim.

Good news: My metabolism–thyroid, adrenals–did balance out after taking Tyovu & Fembalance–but, I also took supplements (herbal tinctures and capsules) from Good Herbs, a company here in Troy, MI.

Best Wishes and Much Gratitude,

Leslie H.*

Hi Robert,

I use candiclear 5 and defense. if i eat something that inflames my candida i take a scoop of candiclear 5 and i feel immediate relief. it also helps me stay regular in my bowel movements. i take defense with aloe vera juice. the first time i took it i had chills, i believe that was the beta-glucan working. i recommend both. also i dont mind the taste of candiclear 5. hope this helps.

George K.*

Dear Robert,

Of the products I used from GHA the Candiclear 5 seemed to me to be, by far, the most effective in my case of clearing a 40 year old yeast infection. It with a couple of other ingredients, observing a very strict diet for about 8 month’s, alkalizing everything I drank, etc. Several things contributed, but I believe that product was essential in getting the job done.
Thanks Robert.

Bob B.*


I ordered the blue bottle of Omni Elixir, (I think it was called) for Candida. I have had type 2 diabetes for 20 years, and had candida of and on for all those years, never able to clear it up. I used the blue elixir for a few months, using drops of it, as the directions said, and it cleared the candida. I had a heart attack Sept. 2010, and never went back to the blue elixir after that, as I had 4 stents implanted in my right coronary artery, and had to take Plavix to keep the stents from plugging up.

I have not had any signs of candida at all, and have been off the elixir since Sept. 2010. I still have 2/3 of the bottle in my refrigerator! You may use this testimony for your newsletter, and put in the proper name of product. It was my 1st order from you.

Sincerely, Katie Long*

About 3 years ago I began to have digestive problems and was looosing weight. finally the doctors found I had diverticulosis (tho no pain or other symptoms), the result of an x-ray of my lower body. I was perscribed cipro, which seemed to work fine. Shortly after finishing the cipro medication, my tounge turned white…….diagnosed as candida..

The candida medicine worked fine, but I experienced excessive fatigue. At the beginning of the day, I felt fine….but, after taking the candida meds,I almost immediately became fatigued. Then three hours later, I was again feeling pretty good; only to take a new dose, and again fatigue set in. It took several weeks to finally overcome the candida, and resume normal digestion.

Harry F.*

Thanks Mr Harrison

the Probiotics helps me very much for the past year i have lots more energy and
less problems with feeling fatigue. Have a nice weekend


Let me tell you that is so wonderful to finally have myself back in balance thanks to the awesome products you offer. I will admit that it did take me over a year,with gradual improvement month after month. I still take faithfully every day the candiclear5 and as soon as I start to feel acidic I take a half teaspoon of the biotic bloom and take 2 capryilic acid capsules.

At the 8th month mark I weaned myself entirely off Prilosec which made a huge difference after getting past the one week of my body adjusting. I drink an apricot ph balancing tea if I am having a meal which is highly acidic. The detoxifying with candicear5 can not be overstated in my opinion as the most effective in regaining balance and staying in balance which is why I still take it every day.

I used stage one,two,three,and four the first year to a year and a half.All excellent products which help get to the root of my severe case of cadidia over-growth from a hiatial hernia. I can honestly say I feel great now but will never be without my candicear5 or biotic bloom. I hope this is helpful.

Linda M.*

Dear Robert

I found the Candidia formula very helpful.

The diet that you have to keep to was the toughest part, but I lost some weight so that was a bonus.
I was very disciplined with the diet.

And all in all together with the Candidia Herbal Formula got rid of the Candida.

So I would most definetly recommend it to anyone seriously wanting a cure.

But its got to go hand in hand with the diet.

Hope that helps

Anna du P.*

Hello Robert,

Thank you for your letter. I experienced the CandiClear5 as the only supplement that has helped me with Candida. Also I believe it has helped me with other things. It is powerful however, and even though I want to take it again, I hesitate because the die of symptoms are so strong. Still when I am ready I will do another 3 months of it. I did get the enzyme and Probiotic but I can’t say that I experience those much.

I also experienced you as very responsive with email when I had questions and I appreciated that.

Marie G.*

Hi Robert,

your supplements have worked tremendously!

From having severe infections (ear, thrush, chest etc) to nothing. It has been an extremely slow path to a healthy body but well worth it.
I am still taking Candiclear5 as well an oxygen supplement because i still have my haemorrhoids but my skin is finally improving!!!

I was in a terrible state before i commenced the detox and the initial detoxification was a nightmare but there was light at the end of the tunnel!

God bless Robert!

Vasiliki P.*

Well, my mother is using the relief protocol for candida albicans. However, she halfway follows the diet
and does not like to exercise much.

I have tried to tell her things but she has to want to do the things that will enable the health products
that they ordered from you to work better.

She is feeling better. And when she isn’t taking the pills, she notices the difference. When I ask her
how she feels, she does not explain enough, or doesn’t know. She is 82 yrs. old and told me one
day that she has been sleeping better, does not have bowel problems anymore, and her blood sugar
has been really doing well.

So, if she would just exercise and eat better, I am sure she would overcome the diabetes type II.
She has lost some weight though on the protocol. She was 160 and is down to 153 lbs right now.

Myra P.*

Hi Robert,

Here is what I have noticed from taking your products. I am taking quite a few so I am not sure what is doing what but the cancer lump on my breast is smaller and my candida is rapidly declining. Also you are a tremendous help on the phone as to what might be needed and I thank you much.


Heidi T.*

Dear Mr. Harrison,

My computer has been out with a virus for almost a week, and I just read your email. I’m so sorry I didn’t see it sooner, hope I can still help you, as you have certainly been a help to me. After taking antibiotics for over 8 months for the lymes disease, my body was a mess. Of course the good bacteria in my stomach and intestines, etc. were completely destroyed. I began taking probiotics, but they weren’t strong enough to help that much. I had to use over the counter meds for the yeast infection, but they couldn’t touch it either. After talking to you and getting the Y elilxir that you recommended, I finally got relief. I no longer felt that my lower abdomen was going to “fall out” (only way I can explain it) and with no itching. I could tell I was not totally better, for if I missed a day I could tell the difference. This seldom happened, except once when I went away for a few days and forgot my “Y”. How wonderful it was to finally know that I was getting help. I have started on the next phase and am thrilled with the products. Thank goodness for people like you who have alternative medicine. No amount of OTC’s or prescriptions helped me at all. If I can do anything more to help you, please let me know, for you have helped me beyond belief. Sorry I didn’t get to your email sooner.

Margie B.*

I’ve been pleased with the supplements you prescribed, I was ready to give up on a successful treatment. After about six months though I started to feel like my body didn’t want the supplements. So I discontinued them and felt well for several months. I will try again soon.

Liz B.*


I have been using various products from Get Healthy Again over the past 3-4 years, all of which have helped me and members of my family. Recently I have used the following products:

1) OCMP…for cellular detox and candida yeast overgrowth.
2) MSM, an oxygenator.
3) Papaya Pro for my dad.
4) Oxy-E.

There are other products that I use but these are the most recent purchases.
All of the above have worked exceptionally well for me and my dad. And congratulations on the newly designed web page!

Very user friendly.

Bo B.*


*Disclaimer: Results may not be typical nor expected for every consumer.