Interview with Robert Harrison

Robert Harrison has been helping people fight and beat Candida for years. Over that time, the treatments for Candida have changed and are now much more effective than they used to be. This interview will help you understand Candida better, especially if it is something that is affecting your life now. How did you get it? How did your child get it? What makes it worse? What makes it better? Why is it that when you think you’ve gotten rid of it, it just comes back again. You’ll also discover all of that and more in this revealing interview with Robert Harrison. Click the “Play” button to listen to the interview, or scroll down and read it. Either way, you’ll understand your own situation much better.


Full Testimonial Transcript

Dr. Sharon Livingston: This is Sharon Livingston and I am here talking to Robert Harrison. Robert has had tremendous success in helping people who suffer from Candida even after having it for many many years and trying everything in the whole world. And, I know because I have interviewed them and they have told me their remarkable stories. Most people will talk to you about 10, 15, 20 minutes when talking about using a product. But these interviews have gone for an hour at a time because they have so much to say about it.

Dr. Sharon Livingston: So Robert, can you tell us a little bit about Candida, what you know about it and how you have come to figure out solutions? Whatever you think will be important for people to know?

Robert Harrison: I would be happy to do that Sharon. It’s been a 10 year process for me, learning and figuring out what is best to be doing to fight Candida. Back when I had written my first page on what you can do to help get Candida under control, it was on a couple of supplements primarily soil based organisms that just proved to not be that strong at dealing with Candida. The feedback that I got from folks was that it was just taking too long to work. The one person who did have good results was doing 25 capsules a day of this supplement. No one had ever done that much. It’s a bottle every 3 days or so.

Dr. Sharon Livingston: Oh my goodness.

Robert Harrison: What happened next with me in terms of my learning process was that Threelac came around and I was with a company that was bringing it into the US. I put up a webpage about it because it had some good sounding testimonials. One of them was a testimony where a woman claimed she had wiped out Candida in 11 days.

I started selling a lot of Threelac and talking to thousands of people about Candida. Threelac seemed to be helping many people and in some cases you could really see a quick improvement.

What I wasn’t seeing just was knocking out the Candida in the long term Since I was not just tied into any one particular company, I was adding on other products that could be used along with the Threelac to help it work better and in a sense, learning what was working and what wasn’t working. Then 5 or 6 years ago, I started to try to figure out what really was needed for someone to overcome their Candida for good. Candida can always come back. You take some more antibiotics, you start eating junk food again, have a bunch of stress or whatever goes on and you are setting up a good environment for Candida to grow again. You have knocked out the friendly bacteria, your immune system is not in good shape and Candida can overgrow again because its always going to be in your intestinal floor. It’s supposed to be there and even if you took something and killed every bit of Candida in your body in the past, you are still going to be exposed to it from other people and from lifestyle choices.

Dr. Sharon Livingston: Does it have a function, is there a reason for Candida; does it serve a function in our bodies when it is not overgrown?

Robert Harrison: I am not exactly sure what Candida’s function is. My best guess is that it helps to kill some pathogens that you get exposed to; it’s pretty darn strong. So, if you get some bad bacteria in your gut and you have got some Candida in your system, it is going to help to deal with that. But the problem that happens with the Candida is simply that the good intestinal flora gets wiped out from bad bacteria or antibiotics, and then you have to have a whole lot of good flora replacements to keep the Candida in check because the Candida is so much more powerful than your friendly flora.

We have so much exposure to antibiotics these day, so that for the last 60 years there has been more and more Candida overgrowth to where it is really becoming an epidemic.

Another way that people get Candida is when mothers have Candida, then their babies pick it up going through the birth canal. So these babies will have it right from the get go and by the way, this is actually one of the contributing causes to the development of autism.

Dr. Sharon Livingston: Oh wow.

Robert Harrison: The vaccinations that people talk about as being the big issue with autism, and they are certainly an issue because they put such an overload of toxins into a child, but the other issue is the child or the baby who has Candida literally has not the ability to digest food as well because the Candida causes leaky gut by disrupting the intestinal wall. So these children are not digesting their protein as well and they are probably allergic to a lot of proteins since that is what happens when you have Candida overgrowth and you get a leaky gut.

Dr. Sharon Livingston: Can you define leaky gut?

Robert Harrison: First the Candida overgrows in your intestinal tract because the friendly bacteria isn’t there to help control it since the antibiotics killed the friendly bacteria, but since they don’t really touch the Candida, it’s able to overgrow.

Then, it releases toxins which damage, irritate, weaken the intestinal wall and then Candida literally grow little legs and they drill holes in the intestinal wall. Candida can then escape through these holes and go throughout the rest of your body. These holes also allow partially digested food to be entering your bloodstream all the time and the immune system has to deal with this partially digested food. Because it isn’t supposed to be in the bloodstream, it’s treated like a toxin.

The immune system is getting exposed to partially digested food and at some point it gets a little bit over whelmed, overloaded, and you develop an allergic response to it. Glutathione, which is a major toxin neutralizer in the body, is made from 3 amino acids. If your body is not making much glutathione, then when they are exposed to a toxic load of whatever, but often from vaccinations, they can’t get rid of it. The liver is not able to detoxify it because it uses glutathione to neutralize it. The cells can’t get rid of it because they are not getting anymore glutathione. What they have gets used up, but they are not making more. An autistic child is one where the toxins are sort of stuck in their head because largely they had Candida.

Dr. Sharon Livingston: It is certainly possible to deal with the Candida and to detoxify and make a big difference, but you also need to stimulate regeneration and repair. At this point you have several different products that you offer. Can you talk about those a little bit and how you came to them, and maybe at some point we should talk about the spit test, which I found really interesting.

Robert Harrison: A few years ago I came across some information from a clinic that worked a lot with Candida and it made a lot of sense to me. The clinic was saying that you have got to deal with parasites and cleaning the colon first. You do that for a few months and then you work on the Candida.Then, you finally get to working on the immune system. They explained that the immune system is not going to be strong enough at first to make much of a difference, and you are kind of wasting your funds if you start there.

People throw this and that at the Candida, and that is not the way to do it. I started recommending this staged approach using the supplements that I knew about which were very good ones like the Candiclear5, and it worked well and I mean consistently. It helped everybody but it was taking a long time since Candida is really tough and it takes a long time to deal with it.

If you haven’t had it long then it is possible to knock it out or it easily. You will read about people in blogs that will say ok I took some garlic for Candida and it got better, or I did this or that kind of thing and my Candida is much better. What went on is that they knocked out enough Candida that their body was able to recover enough that their immune system could pretty much keep it in check so that it wasn’t really causing a bunch of symptoms, but, the Candida is still there overgrown, in the body, hiding out in places, hibernating.

Plus, there are spores in the body so, down the road 10 years, 5 years, 2 years, 15 years, as you age, the body is going to get weaker. You are going to have a lot of stress or whatever happens you are going to go in for a course of antibiotics and boom, the Candida is back sort of in full force. Since your body has been having to fight it the whole time, your health is really compromised even though you are not aware of it. People will feel that they are doing whatever they did pretty quickly and pretty simply, when all they did was enable the body to get on top of it to keep it in check better so that it wasn’t causing…

Dr. Sharon Livingston: Too much havoc.

Robert Harrison: I talked to people where the Candida has wiped them out so much they can’t eat anything, hardly, they can’t work anymore, they are stuck at home, they can’t even get out. They are allergic to everything, multiple chemical sensitivities, allergies and so on. It just ruins their whole life. You can hear it in their voice. It really throws people off psychologically too — whether it’s anger or depression. Their hormones get knocked out of balance and wiped out, adrenal fatigue happens and the thyroid goes. Just your whole body can become a wreck if it gets too bad. And that’s always a possibility if you haven’t dealt with, not really knocked it out. At some point your body can’t keep up with fighting it, it’s too worn out and doesn’t have enough resistance, and Candida takes off again.

Dr. Sharon Livingston: And so how do you know you have Candida?

Robert Harrison: The simple test I learned about was a spit test. Before that, I used to say look at your tongue to see if it has a white coat, which is a sure sign of it. You can get a blood test to see if they find Candida in the blood or they can do a stool test to see if they find it in the stool. Over the years, my experience has been that the spit test works as well as any of the medical tests.

Candida likes to be in saliva so the spit test is you are spitting into a glass of water. Best time to do this is first thing in the morning. If it’s overgrowing in your body, it will be in your saliva. If you do the spit test first thing in the morning, it’s had all night to collect so you can see more clearly if you do or not have Candida overgrowth.

People that have it really bad will do the spit test and boom, within a minute they will see legs hanging down and stuff sinking to the bottom of the glass. If you talk to somebody who doesn’t have much Candida symptom-wise, but maybe a little bit, it may take 10 minutes before they start seeing anything hanging down. Since they just don’t have as much, it takes longer for it to start falling out. My general impression is the spit test is at least as good as a stool sample test might be, or a blood test.

Dr. Sharon Livingston: I am sure that anybody listening to this, that the likelihood of them being a first time explorer of Candida is small, but could you go over the symptoms?

Robert Harrison: One thing that I kind of joke about a bit is that Candida makes me feel smart because I will talk to people on the phone, and they will start mentioning a symptom or two that the doctors haven’t been able to figure out. 95 times out of 100 its Candida. I just say ok, do the spit test and check and see if you have Candida.. Symptoms could be everything from fatigue, hormonal symptoms, sinus infections, ear infections or eye infections.

Dr. Sharon Livingston: Toenail fungus.

Robert Harrison: There is of course the standard vaginal infection or jock itch, a digestive upset, GERD. A lot of times gerd is acid reflux that is actually Candida caused. It is not from low amount of acid in your body, it is almost never from what the doctor treats you for which is over acidity, but many many times if they have acid reflux, and they also have general digestive issues, or they have got sinus infection, or a toenail fungus, or just a little depression or fatigue, it’s Candida.

Dr. Sharon Livingston: Or even celiac right?

Robert Harrison: Any sort of allergies, and especially when it goes to celiac, are a sign of Candida. It may start with food allergies, but once your immune system is over responding, if someone is talking about having allergies to pollen or whatever, it is also worth checking for Candida.

I was reading a research article which was talking about how they were theorizing that the rise in asthma is related to the rise in Candida which has happened over the past 50 years. So now if someone mentions asthma, I will say ok test for Candida, and most likely it will be it.

So, a year ago, even though I had the Candiclear5 which was a fossilized marine phytoplankton diatomaceous earth product with zeolite and a number of other herbs in it,

Dr. Sharon Livingston: Wow, say that 5 times fast.

Robert Harrison: Yeah which for me is much stronger then just doing diatomaceous earth, and it was the best Candida product that I had, I had people tell me they had been using it and nothing worked as well as it worked. I also had developed an elixir that used essential oils and energetics to boost the immune system and kill pathogens and that was working very well for Candida too. Then there was another elixir that I was using with people, that only had energies in it, which was designed to kill Candida and to support the body and immune system to better fight Candida.

So, a year ago or so I just said to myself I bet we can make a better Candida product because even with these great products, it was still taking months and months and months…

Dr. Sharon Livingston: For people to get better.

Robert Harrison: I had some better technology that I was licensing from my supplier that makes the essential oil products and I got to work and I put together a combination of an essential oil elixir with all of its Candida fighting benefits plus we put in a lot more energies, a lot more instructions into the body, to deal with Candida. It was much stronger than the Candiclear5 had been which was much stronger than other products I had tested. The Candiclear5 was on a scale that goes up to 1,000. Candiclear5 had been coming in at 650. Threelac was 340, most products were in the 200-300 range. Candiclear5 was much stronger, but this product I developed — I called it CandElim –it was coming in at 920. We have got it with additional olive leaf extract now.

These essential oils and the olive leaf my supplier has a patented process; I don’t know what he does but it just makes them much stronger more usable and less likely that the Candida can adjust to it so that is coming in at 980 now. The higher they test, the better the results have been.

The folks you were interviewing had all been using the Candelim The Candelim we always suggest starting in low dose anyway and if you are concerned about die off you just start with less. Instead of starting at 6 drops once a day, you may start at 3 drops once a day, or even 1 drop once a day, My experience has been that now the time frame for really having the Candida knocked down is much shorter, it is 3 to 6 months depending upon how much there is, and what else is going on.

Dr. Sharon Livingston: That is so cool. So when somebody calls you how do you decide what they need?

Robert Harrison: Sometimes we will just confirm with them that they know they have Candida because they may have been to the doctor and confirmed it.

Dr. Sharon Livingston: Right.

Robert Harrison: Most of the time, interestingly enough, the comment I usually hear is the doctors are clueless about it. They might not even be aware of it, or if they know about it, it is just not important to them A few times people will be getting diflucan or that kind of thing for it but mostly it is not even that.

Dr. Sharon Livingston: That one bothers me so much because that is such a powerful drug.

Robert Harrison: And it’s tough on the liver and the liver is already overwhelmed with Candida. Candida is producing toxins all the time. The reason people have die off is because the liver is in bad shape. If the liver could just get rid of the toxins, you wouldn’t have it.

I will listen to what their symptoms are. If they have a whole lot of symptoms, well, they need more. Then it would be good for them to be doing more than just the CandElim, but also to add in the Candiclear5 and TotalFlora15 — which is our probiotic — and is now energy infused.

We have a supplier making me a better probiotic. It is a combination of particular probiotics and some ascorbic acid that helps it work better. It was testing as one of the strongest probiotics out there, and one of the ones that is actually strong enough to deal with Candida. If you are taking a probiotic, and you have a bunch of Candida in your system, usually it’s just going to get wasted. It will just be eaten up when it hits the intestinal tract.

Dr. Sharon Livingston: Oh my goodness.

Robert Harrison: But the TotalFlora15 is strong enough, and especially now that we have added some additional instructions into it telling the friendly bacteria to work together better — to fight Candida better together.

If somebody has fatigue, or they have got the low thyroid, then they are going to be needing a frequency enhanced elixir that we have, called Tyovu, which tells the body to optimize adrenal function and optimize thyroid function. It wouldn’t work on its own if you weren’t killing the Candida because the Candida is just going to keep the adrenals weakened.

The reason everybody has adrenal fatigue when they have chronic Candida overgrowth is because the Candida is eating the blood sugar at night when you are not taking in food, and so the blood sugar gets low, and the adrenals have to kick in to keep you going. And the adrenals just get worn out.

Dr. Sharon Livingston: That makes sense.

Robert Harrison: The adrenals are connected with the thyroid. So if your adrenals go, your thyroid is going to start to go, and so people then will have low thyroid. Doctors will pick up on that, and they will be on some thyroid medication. It is just another clue that the adrenals have gone, and the thyroid is in poor shape, and so the Tyovu — using it for 4-6 months — will get those back in shape much faster then if you were not using them.

Dr. Sharon Livingston: Interesting.

Robert Harrison: Now the other sort of frequency enhanced elixir that often I suggest to folks is FemBalance. The reason women have more Candida overgrowth than men, or at least more severe, because men consume as much antibiotics, etc., is because Candida eats progesterone. So during the monthly cycle where there is more progesterone being produced, Candida tends to flair up

Dr. Sharon Livingston: They are having a party in our bodies, that is just wrong.

Robert Harrison: So your hormones get out of whack because you don’t have enough progesterone, and that can lead to too much estrogen, because the progesterone levels help keep the estrogen in balance.

Of course it could just wipe out the whole system where you don’t have much of anything, but it could even be one of the causes of the imbalance that may lead to too much estrogen — which causes breast cancer or some other hormonal cancer in women.

Now if someone Is talking about allergies, and being allergic to this and that, and it’s a major issue for them — then the leaky gut repair becomes more important for them. I will be suggesting one of the more important ones for them to do is GI Pro — which is protein peptides and also some probiotic greens that are designed to be feeding the intestinal wall so that it can repair faster. I have had some people comment that it really helped out their system just in general. I also will be suggesting Nymsar, which is a frequency enhanced elixir that supports liver and kidneys, and it calms down the over responding immune system. So it would just help more quickly with this allergic response.

Dr. Sharon Livingston: This is fantastic. Wow.

Robert Harrison: If someone has the acid reflux stuff going on in the stomach, then the Candiclear5 becomes something to be added — along with the CandElim — because the Candiclear5 can be working right in the stomach to be absorbing some of the excess acid, and also be directly attacking the Candida that is in the stomach.

Dr. Sharon Livingston: Well this has been really really really educational and there is a lot that you have looked into that can help people. I know that it has, having spoken to so many people now who have told me what incredible results that they have had even after things like 30-40 years of suffering and now they are free of it. So I think it’s a blessing and an incredible service that you give to people. Is there something else you want to say at this point that people should know?

Robert Harrison: Candida is tough, it does take time to really knock it out, and I should say this about the CandElim. One of the exciting things for me was when I was researching what instructions to be putting into the CandElim, it finally got into my head that the Candida spore needed to be dealt with.

I’d heard about them for years. People would go on a diet to deal with Candida –because you are not feeding the Candida, its not growing as much. Its not replicating as much. So they will take some… whatever they are taking — garlic, probiotics — and there was a feeling they were doing good. Their symptoms had gone away. The diet is tough so they say ok, I can stop the diet, and I can stop taking this stuff, and they stop it, and boom,

Dr. Sharon Livingston: They’re are sick again.

Robert Harrison: And it’s as bad as it was before. So two things. Because Candida spores are anaerobic, they can hide out in parts of the body where there is really no circulation — and so the immune system isn’t getting there to deal with it. The drugs, the herbs whatever they were taking for the Candida isn’t really getting to the spores, and they were just kind of hiding out hibernating.

Once most of the Candida has been killed, and once the environment is right, after you are back to eating food that feeds the Candida, it says, Hey I can go and have a feast — it’s time for me to have my fun — so the Candida produces spores. Now I hear the spores are produced when its being attacked because they are worried about replication. It’s just part of their reproductive process they produce spores.

Once you have had Candida, it is always much easier to come back — because you have these spores in you and they are protected so the immune system can’t get to them. Nothing can really knock out the spores, they are just kind of floating around and when the time is right, when you have gone back on (foods that feed candida), when there is not a bunch of things that kill Candida floating around — and when there is food — they say Hey Great, and they bloom, and you have got more Candida, and so it comes back.

That is why people can be fighting Candida for 15 years, 20 years and have done everything and they still have it. They keep it under control, and they say: Yeah, I had it under control for a couple of years, and then I go off my diet, and boom, it’s back again. It’s just a constant life long kind of thing with them.

It’s always a risk then. At some point it is just going to get really bad for you, because its stressing your body the whole time. Your health is not near as strong as it would be otherwise, and you are more susceptible.

You are developing more allergies over time that you may or may not be aware of. So I put the instructions into the CandElim and the CandiCalm to deal with the spores, to deactivate the spores, as you can’t really tell the body to kill them. But, you can deactivate the spores so basically they don’t work anymore.

Dr. Sharon Livingston: Very cool.

Robert Harrison: So that was the neatest thing, and because the energies can work throughout the whole body, you can get the Candida that is in parts of the body where they are hibernating,

The last bits of Candida to go are the toughest ones, and they can take a bit longer to finally knock out. You may have most of the Candida knocked out in 2 or 3 months — but the rest may take another month or 2 (or longer) to really deal with.

My intention is to be able to get people to a point where the spores aren’t coming back once they’ve stopped doing stuff. I have talked to people who were selling a ton of Threelac, and helping people, who had been doing stuff for their Candida for years now — and keeping it under check with Threelac and everything else they were doing — and when they go off of it — boom, it comes back.

Dealing with that aspect of it, with somebody who has it tough, is what really makes the CandElim special.