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Candida Diet Didn’t Work For Him, But This Did*

Charlie had his first bout with Candida back in 1982, and since then has been struggling trying to get rid of it. A strong believer in nutrition and natural medications, Charlie tried modifying his diet, which seemed to work temporarily, but it always seemed to re-occur. Doctors didn’t even know [Read more…]

Candida, Headaches and Fatigue Now Gone*

Gina suffered from Candida almost all of her adult life. Birth control pills and hormone treatments made her Candida worse. She had trouble sleeping, felt irritable most of the time, and suffered flu-like symptoms, too. Finally tired of being sick, she set out on a quest to cure herself. Like most people, Gina was cynical when she came across CandElim, and was even concerned about the cost. But she finally overcame her [Read more…]

Candida and Extreme Pain Eliminated*

Do parasites cause Candida? Are food allergies related to Candida? Are flu-like symptoms one of the ways that Candida affects you? These were all questions that Peggy had. After returning from a vacation with a persistent illness, swollen fingers and hands, and a pain so bad she says “her skin hurt all over”, she ended up in the hospital. Skip ahead to the present day, and Peggy’s discovery of Robert Harrison and his Candida website. For the first time, she really learned about how Candida affects the body, and how to fight it. She knew she finally found a reliable [Read more…]