Yeast Infection Treatments

An open letter to women who have been suffering from painful and recurring vaginal yeast infections…

Your Real Issue May NOT Be A Vaginal Infection — There’s a Good Chance You Have An Internal Candida Yeast Overgrowth…

If it is, no matter how many creams and potions you use, your infection will keep coming back. Because it’s inside you and it keeps reinfecting you from the inside out.

Note: If you just want some relief, or if you read the information below and determine you don’t have an internal yeast overgrowth…

The best gel or cream to work on a vaginal infection — because it helps heal your sensitive tissue at the same time – is SilvOH.

SilvOH is a colloidal silver gel that in a proprietary process, is put into an OH water gel. Colloidal silver has a reputation for killing all types of pathogens, including yeast. Good as it is, it works even more powerfully when it is put into an alkaline OH gel.  It’s yeast killing power skyrockets when this is done. And it is perfectly safe. No toxic residue. No poisons entering you skin. Just use it three times a day.

Better still, what makes it so special is that the OH water in it will remove toxins and acids from vaginal tissue. This allows oxygen to enter this tissue and heal it. Making for a healthy, vibrant vaginal wall.

Click here for SilvOH — if you just want a good topical solution for your vaginal  yeast infection — or continue reading to learn more about internal candida yeast overgrowth, how it effects you and what you can do to evict it and Stop Those Recurring Vaginal Infections.

Dear Friend,

If you’ve been suffering from painful, reoccurring yeast infections, and none of the typical remedies (like over the counter creams and pills) seem to work, then this could be the most important message you’ve ever read. Here’s why.

My name is Robert Harrison, and I’m a Natural Health Consultant. And in the next few minutes I’m going to show you whether or not the vaginal yeast infections you suffer from are caused by a much more serious issue, a Candida yeast infection. Most are.

And more importantly, if you DO have Candida, I’m going to show you how to wipe this potentially debilitating condition out of your body forever.

Here’s what this is all about.

First of all what is Candida and how does it develop?

About 85% of all organisms in your intestines are usually friendly bacteria. The remaining 15% usually are comprised mostly of not-so-friendly (but still useful in small amounts) bad bacteria…and Candida.

Your body needs 85% friendly bacteria to keep the bad stuff in check. Candida is much more powerful than friendly bacteria. To protect itself from your friendly bacteria, Candida produces deadly mycotoxins that kill friendly bacteria.

Cortisone, birth-control pills, antibiotics (which you often consume in meat and milk products), medications, and even drinking chlorinated water (and even showering in chlorinated water!) can cause the partial or total destruction of your 4-8 lbs of friendly bacteria in the lower gut. But unfortunately, none of that “bad stuff” will harm the Candida.

Fungus is a natural enemy of bacteria. In fact, antibiotics are made from fungus toxins which kill bacteria. So unfortunately when you take antibiotics, it destroys your friendly bacteria and allows Candida to overgrow. And the Candida, as it overgrows, produces even more toxins that kill more friendly bacteria and in addition, poison your body.

It’s a vicious cycle.

What Happens After Candida Overgrows In Your Intestinal Tract?

As Candida overgrows in the intestinal tract, it drills holes in your intestinal wall and spreads throughout your body, causing everything from vaginal infections to ear infections to toenail fungus. But even before that, it can ruin your health.

Once it overgrows in the large intestine, where it is supposed to be in small amounts, it migrates upward into the small intestines where digestion and assimilation of all nutrients takes place. When the small intestine is overgrown with Candida, your digestion is inhibited as many of the beneficial bacteria in the small intestines that are needed for digestion, and for your immune system, are killed by the Candida.


You crave sweets (Have YOU been craving sweets lately?). Candida upsets your body’s sugar system as it seeks it favorite food, sugar. Because your digestion is disrupted, you don’t get enough of the minerals you need to escort sugar and insulin into the cells, and you become hypoglycemic as not enough sugar can get into your cells.

This gives you low cellular sugar levels, which helps the Candida even more because now the cells do not have enough sugar to burn for energy. So, they signal your body to eat more sweets and carbohydrates. Giving the Candida an ample supply of their favorite foods. And since you don’t have the minerals you need to get the sugar into your cells, you run low during the night.

Left unchecked, here are some of the more serious effects of Candida…

So the brain signals your adrenal gland to produce more adrenal hormones to keep the body functioning during the night, which it does. One side effect of this is that you may get hot at night or have night sweats. And because the adrenal gland is now working 24 hours per day, it eventually burns out and you have adrenal fatigue — another reason why Candida overgrowth leads to fatigue.

Diabetes can develop from the excess sugar consumption. It also develops if the Candida colonizes in the pancreas and disrupts its ability to function. Candida can attack and colonize any organ in your body. Doctors doing autopsies have found hearts completely infiltrated with Candida. It could be in your thyroid and cause thyroid problems. Or in your kidneys. Anywhere! In all these cases, you may never realize you are infected because there are no nerves that would signal problems.

However, you do notice Candida when it colonizes your skin, sinuses, and ears. One of the more common ones is what you may be experiencing right now – a vaginal yeast infection. If a vaginal infection is caused by this overgrowth from the intestinal tract, then all the topical lotions you use won’t keep it from coming back.

Candida Can Also Cause “Leaky Gut Syndrome”
(Which Causes Big Problems)

If you’ve had Candida for a while, you most likely have food allergies.

Here’s why.

The legs of the Candida fungus drill holes in your intestinal wall. Causing a leaky gut which allows undigested food and other toxins to enter the bloodstream. It’s also allows the Candida to spread throughout your body. Of course, it’s a little more complicated than this.

Over time Candida and parasites destroy the protective mucus coating on the intestinal wall. Once this happens, foods, chemicals, parasites, bacteria, yeast and viruses begin irritating the intestinal lining. When this happens, the immune system cells on the lining of the intestinal tract activate in order to fight back. This activation causes inflammation and further irritation of the intestinal wall. And result in intestinal pain, cramps and irritation.

Plus allergic reactions may start throughout the body. These allergic reactions begun in the intestinal tract trigger skin reactions such as itching, hives, rashes, etc. Over time the intestinal lining becomes even more degraded and allow the Candida to drill holes in the wall, causing a leaky gut. In addition, the villi in the intestinal tract (hair-like structures that help absorb vitamins, minerals, and different nutrients) become damaged. So you become less able to absorb nutrients from your food.

Worse still, holes or leaky patches caused by the Candida overgrowth and parasites, allow large particles of foods, pollens, chemicals, microorganisms, or other toxins to enter your bloodstream through the leaks. Otherwise they would not have entered the bloodstream. Once there, they create havoc. Bad reactions, allergies, environmental allergies are soon to follow.

On an even more serious note, some doctors have even connected Candida to cancer, including leukemia. Even autism among children has been linked to Candida. In short, Candida is NOT a condition to be treated lightly once you discover you have it.

So now that you understand the severity of Candida, check the following list of 14 typical symptoms to see if you may be experiencing Candida overgrowth.

Do you….

1. Bloat when you eat?

2. Form gas when you eat?

3. Have acid reflux?

4. Have brain fog?

5. Have sinus or ear infections?

6. Suffer from fatigue for no reason?

7. Have a dry mouth?

8. Have vision that gets blurry, then clear, then blurry?

9. Have hypoglycemia? (shaky if meal is missed, sleepy after a meal, sweat during sleep)

10. Have constipation or diarrhea or both?

11. Have borderline anemia?

12. Have rashes?

13. Have toe nail or finger nail fungus?

14. Have reoccurring vaginal yeast infections?

A yes to 3 or more of these questions indicates fungal overgrowth. Also take a look at these other typical Candida symptoms to see if you have any of them.

Short term memory loss, persistent drowsiness, headaches, mood swings, dizziness, loss of balance, lack of coordination, ear sensitivity/ringing/itching, fluid in the ears, mucous in stools, postnasal drip, frequent colds, recurring strep throat, sinusitis or bronchitis, heartburn, nervous irritability, tightness of the chest, white stuff in the throat or coated tongue, bad breath, thyroid problems, depression, sugar disorders.

“Are You Crazy?”

Here’s what to do next…

Now that you know whether or not you’re suffering from a Candida Yeast Infection, here’s what to do next…

Many customers have told me they suffered from Candida yeast infection symptoms for years and didn’t know they had it. They’d gone to doctor after doctor who looked at them like they were crazy — and who told them that there was nothing wrong! The doctors would say…

“It’s all in your head.”

Maybe they gave you some antibiotics – but that only makes the Candida worse. I don’t know how many people I’ve talked to who have told me their doctors were clueless when it came to Candida, but there have been too many to count.

Vaginal yeast infections are almost always treated topically. Unfortunately, most of the time they come back. Again and again. This is because about 98% of the time vaginal yeast infections are caused by an internal infection somewhere else in your body that only occasionally manifests itself as a vaginal yeast infection. So all the lotions and potions you use will never get rid of it. It’s like playing Whack-A-Mole with your own body, and back it will come when the infection flares up again inside your body.

Hopefully, you’re one of the lucky ones whose Candida overgrowth or yeast infection is relatively new. A matter of months rather than years or a lifetime of infection. Using some of the products I’m about to recommend, that just plain work better than other Candida fighting products, you can get rid of it reasonably fast, sometimes without going on a strict diet, and be able to keep it from coming back.

However, it won’t be a quick fix.

NOTE ABOUT CANDIDA DIETS: Some people may need to go on a strict diet if your overgrowth is extensive and causes you to bloat, itch, flare up when you eat carbs. (Going on a diet will never eliminate the candida. It will just come back when the diet ends and their favorite food supply increases.)

The candida diet issue basically boils down to this: whenever you are eating foods that feed candida, it grows faster. If you are hitting the candida hard, then you don’t need to do the diet as much and may even get by without doing the diet, but it will take longer to eliminate your Candida Yeast Infection. If you are trying to skip by on a minimal approach, then the diet is more important.

Claims that you can get over your yeast infection in two weeks or a month just aren’t true. You can certainly relieve or improve symptoms, but the Candida is still lurking in parts of your body, and will come back all too soon. But victory there can be – if you hit it hard enough with the right stuff.

An overall approach –
the ONLY way to tackle Candida forever…

The key to eliminating Candida is to attack the fungus in multiple ways because some remedies will be more effective on some strains of Candida than others. By covering all your bases you will exponentially increase your chances of wiping out Candida forever.

So let me introduce you to what are right now the most powerful remedies for eradicating Candida from your body. For your benefit, I’ve classified these remedies into 2 powerful approaches which you can follow for maximum results.

CandElim TotalFlora15 Combo

This combo supplies ONE bottle each of TotalFlora15 and CandElim. Specially designed for ultra-sensitive constitutions as well as for young children (5 years old and up). Supplies the appropriate amount of product for one month’s supply. Gradually work up to full dosages. Thus combo is a savings of $12.45 compared to individual retail pricing.
NOTE: Children under three should not use TotalFlora15. Infants and children under five should use CandiCalm rather than CandElim. Cost for this combo is $92.45, which saves you almost 12% off retail pricing.


Attack Your Candida Infection Starting Today

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As you’ll hear me say frequently, Candida is very tough. No one product can knock it out fast. Anyone that claims their product fully eliminates Candida in days or weeks is NOT being straight with you. Candida is strong and aggressive, and is (if you’d had it a while) permeating most everywhere in your body. It’s not just a vaginal yeast infection you need to deal with, and there is no easy solution.

To deal with Candida more thoroughly, you’ve got to attack it in many different ways. For this reason we’ve developed a number of other unique and powerful Candida killers that as a whole fight Candida so effectively you can wipe it out forever.

CandiCalm Plus Reduced Die Off Combo

The CandiCalm Plus – Reduced Die Off Combo supplies 1 each of CandiCalm, Nymsar and GI Pro. It also includes 2 bottles of TotalFlora15 to fight candida while also recolonizing the intestinal tract with friendly flora — to keep the candida from growing back.In addition, this combo includes 2 bottles of CandiZyme4. After CandiCalm, CandiZyme4 is the candida fighter that is least likely to cause candida die off and flare ups. Using it allows you to be more aggressive in attacking your candida while still minimizing candida die off and flare up symptoms.



Attack Your Candida Infection Starting Today

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And now that you understand Candida and how to fight it – the decision to improve your health is up to YOU…

So in a short period of time we’ve covered what Candida is, how it is affecting you, and what you can do to wipe it out from your body forever. We also covered why no amount of topical solutions will permanently eliminate Candida. You have to get to the root of the problem to wipe it out completely.

Finally, you’ve been introduced to the 2 most effective, multi-pronged regimens for fighting Candida available today. And although these solutions should be your main weapon for fighting Candida, it’s also very important to consider is a dietary change that fights Candida, especially starting right now until your Candida-Fighting products arrive.

Eating more citrus each day will help — even up to 9 or 10 tangerines, or combinations of tangerines, lemons and grapefruit. The fruit acids they contain balance pH in the intestinal tract and make the body more alkaline, which helps to fight Candida. And at the same time, it’s wise to reduce the amount of other sugars you consume, including regular white table sugar, and simple carbohydrates like bread, pasta and potatoes.

But most importantly, to get any final questions answered, and to order your Candida-canceling products call….

 Get Healthy Again at: 1-800-832-9755 or 1-907-235-5556.

But most importantly, take action NOW…

Like I’ve explained, Candida is a condition which worsens the longer it is left unchecked. Do something about it NOW, while you’re thinking about it, or your battle with this disease could be far longer and more difficult than you could have ever imagined. The choice is yours, right now, to take your health into your own hands.

But whatever you do, I hope you’ve learned something here today, and I hope it leads to a bright and sparkling bill of health for you.


Robert Harrison – Natural Health Consultant


Attack Your Candida Infection
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