Candida, Headaches and Fatigue Now Gone*

Gina suffered from Candida almost all of her adult life. Birth control pills and hormone treatments made her Candida worse. She had trouble sleeping, felt irritable most of the time, and suffered flu-like symptoms, too. Finally tired of being sick, she set out on a quest to cure herself. Like most people, Gina was cynical when she came across CandElim, and was even concerned about the cost. But she finally overcame her own doubts and gave it a try. Find out why Gina now says that CandElim is “it’s the strongest, the best stuff I have found so far ” to eliminate Candida.

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Full Testimonial Transcript

Dr. Sharon Livingston: Hi Gina, it is Sharon Livingston. How are you today?

Gina: Oh I am pretty good. How are you?

Dr. Sharon Livingston: So we are going to be talking about your experience with the Candida products and I would love to hear your story, like how did you come to Robert Harrison’s website and give me a little background and then tell me what happened?

Gina: Well I have been fighting Candida really all of my life, but two sections of it when I was in my 20s I took birth control pills and that is when it got worse, and then in my middle 40s I started taking some bioidenticals hormones and it got really bad after that.

So I was on a quest, I was really sick with it and of course there are not that many doctors out there that know about it and can help you.

Dr. Sharon Livingston: When you say you were really sick – what kind of symptoms?

Gina: I was, it was attacking my nervous system and my blood pressure was going up, I was having headaches, tired, my ears, itching, I had really bad eczema, I was having trouble sleeping, very irritable, sound like you have the flu all the time. It’s a weird feeling, and I couldn’t eat anything. If I ate any sugar or carbs or anything my symptoms would just flare up and its just a terrible thing and I would not wish it on anybody because fungus is so hard to get it to die, especially when it gets to a stronger state and it mutates and it is just really hard.

So I have surfed the internet a lot looking for answers, buying books and trying to scope it out myself and I didn’t find him for awhile. I only found Get Healthy Again. When I punched in I think it was systematic Candida I had to clue in the computer I couldn’t just say Candida I had to say like it was systematic, like it was in my blood and then Get Healthy came up again. So then he had this whole analogy like this huge sheet on explaining it and why I wasn’t getting rid of it even though I was taking probiotics and antifungals and you know he was saying that you have to kill the spores and how it mutates and he explained like this really good analogy.

So right away I didn’t buy his products because they were expensive so I was kind of fooling around with a few other things and nothing was working and I was still, I felt just terrible and I thought I got to do something about this I can’t take it anymore. So then I bite the bullet and I bought Candida Clear first because it was like a detox with it, so I thought, “OK, I want to detox too.” So I was really sick when I first started taking that product. I was having such die off and I would e-mail him because I didn’t know what was going on and he would always answer my questions and tell me to cut the dose back, ease into it slow, he was very helpful through the process.

So then I did as he said and I started feeling better on it but I didn’t feel 100%, you know I couldn’t quite get it, if I started eating sugar you really have to, when you take these parts you really got to cut the diet, cut everything. I tried like every now and then put back my bioidentical hormones and I couldn’t it would just flare back up again so it was still in my system and he said that that would get it under control but it would take like six months. So I still have that product but the next time I thought that I would try it, he told me to try the Cand Elim, he said try that, so I ordered that.

Dr. Sharon Livingston: The Candelim?

Gina: So I know that it is working and that if I stop taking it, it starts coming back so it’s the strongest, the best stuff I have found so far and I am hoping that if I stay on it long enough and really watch the sugar and the hormones I don’t go back on those. That is obviously what is feeding it, too. Then I will be able to get my body back in balance and then I am also going to try the probiotics because I do take another probiotic care but I am going to try his to see if his is any better. The problem is the fungus will mutate. It gets used to stuff, but his products, the way they kill it it doesn’t mutate as much. So that is another thing its like I don’t have to rotate, like before I was rotating this fungals like every five days because it would stop working.

Dr. Sharon Livingston: So having had this experience, have you talked about it to anybody else, have you recommended it to anybody else?

Gina: Yes I have.

Dr. Sharon Livingston: What did you tell them?

Gina: I just, well they come to me because they know I have been through it and done it like people that are struggling with it and I tell them, I tell them about his website and then I say this is the best stuff that I have found. But it’s expensive. A lot of people don’t want to try because of the money, and then they think well that is not going to work they get rather discouraged, or they feel like that is just a hokes you know its hard to, but once you have had it and you felt so sick you cant, you know you can’t live like this, you get so, you have to get to your desperation point where you are ready to just spend the money and then try something and see if it works.

Dr. Sharon Livingston: I am so delighted that you had a good experience and what about Robert himself, what did you think of him?

Gina: I really liked the fact that I could e-mail him and he responded right back to me and he always told me what was going on, like he knew his products, he knew how to explain it to me so I understood and he was just talking like he is very very familiar with it.

Dr. Sharon Livingston: So I want to say thank you so much, this is exactly what I was hoping how the talk would go so you know we would understand the problem and what you tried and what has been the results so far. So is it ok if we use this audio on his site or in his mailings?

Gina: Yeah.

Dr. Sharon Livingston: That would be awesome.

Gina: Yes go ahead. Whatever can help more people.

Dr. Sharon Livingston: Well have a wonderful Mother’s Day.

Dr. Sharon Livingston: And thank you so much for our talk.


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