Candida Diet Didn’t Work For Him, But This Did*

Charlie had his first bout with Candida back in 1982, and since then has been struggling trying to get rid of it. A strong believer in nutrition and natural medications, Charlie tried modifying his diet, which seemed to work temporarily, but it always seemed to re-occur. Doctors didn’t even know what the real problem was. Dubious, Charlie tried CandElim. Read below or listen to Charlie’s fascinating story to discover how Charlie now lives Candida-free.

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Full Testimonial Transcript

Dr. Sharon Livingston: So I am Sharon Livingston and I am talking to Charlie. So we are talking today about your experience with Robert Harrison’s products and specifically can you tell me a little bit about you know what brought you there, how you got there, what you tried, what happened, just kind of tell me the story?

Charlie: Well ok, I found him through the internet and I read his treaties on what he has been doing. I have been dealing with Candida for about 30 years, 28 somewhere 26, 28, 30 years.

Dr. Sharon Livingston: How did you know you had it?

Charlie: Well you know I was always interested in self medicating through diet and I just knew that so much would happen to your body through what you ate and I did some research and I worked for a health food store in Bethel, Connecticut and I did, I think it is called Nystatin and it really, it really helped so I knew I had faith that there was such a thing as Candida number 1. What brought it on was a throat condition that I had.

Dr. Sharon Livingston: What was it?

Charlie: I beg your pardon?

Dr. Sharon Livingston: What was the throat condition?

Charlie: Well it was a, no doctor could tell me what it was, that was the problem. It was like a dry feeling in my throat and it would move around and this was over the space of weeks, months, years and I have found out that sugar, when I eliminated sugar from my diet it almost, it really helped what I was doing. So that got me started with Candida and I did some research and doing the Nystatin and the no sugar I eliminated my throat problem. However, I have had my problem, was brought on by antibiotics I believe. Many, many bouts with antibiotics. They have saved my life plenty of time, but what happens is that I go through this food sensitivities and it manifests mostly in my throat. I am sure other parts of my body, too, but that is where it was mostly felt and it did come on through working. I am a carpenter and it did come on in conjunction with sanding a particular type of wood, bass wood, it smells like pepper and that is when it came on and that was about 30 years ago. It must have been 1982, yeah, it was 1982. I think so because that is when I bought my property here and that is when I was working in Manhattan on this sound stage. Not a sound stage, we were building a recording studio and it was hand Helmholtz resonator that we were making and we were making it out of bass wood for some reason, a semi hardwood. At any rate I subsequently have had reoccurrences with Candida and a lot of times I would, just because it comes on so suddenly, I wouldn’t do the Nystatin and the, I would just eliminate sugar and I would hope for the best, and finally I wanted to do something about it because it was so pervasive. What was happening with my throat and the doctors said there is nothing there, the doctors couldn’t, you know, it wasn’t, I had what is that called when you take iodine for, thyroid. I had my thyroid checked because I had symptoms of that happening, heart palpitations etc. It all turned out to be just Candida and the reason I know it is because I took, I got the Candelim and I was very skeptical almost doing tasteless water and the directions were a little bit ambiguous at first. I think he ended up changing them to do it with meals. There were two different directives on the label, and two subsequent bottles that I got, straightened that out and then went off of it for a month and it all started to come back, started again and then it went away and I had something happened that was not accounted for that I attribute to Candelim and I had a fungus, a type of fungus that would appear on the tops of my feet. Went to the doctor he gave me this super salve that you put on, Corticortisone 10%, not that stuff you get over the counter.

And it would control it. It would start with a miniscule red dot and it would expand twice, it would go twice the size each day, it would be twice as big, so you could imagine once it gets to be a quarter inch and then the next day it’s a half inch its very scary. At any rate it was under control and I would chase it all over my feet, it totally disappeared and I have been doing this for 10 years, it totally disappeared.

Dr. Sharon Livingston: Wow.

Charlie: It totally disappeared if this has to do with, now is Candida is that, that is a fungus isn’t it?

Dr. Sharon Livingston: Yep.

Charlie: Yeah so I attributed it to, I guess I just have been chasing it, it did disappear once before but that may have been in conjunction with something else but it came back and it was on both feet I think once and I think it started with a mosquito bite.

Dr. Sharon Livingston: Oh my gosh.

Charlie: And there is a fungus, it’s a killer fungus that starts with a mosquito bite.

Dr. Sharon Livingston: Oh my goodness.

Charlie: Yes, if you look it up on the Internet you will find it, but there is a fungus that you get from scratching a mosquito, I don’t know if it was a dead mosquito or whatever, but it is devastating. I don’t know whether this is that, but untreated its just incredibly viral. So any rate that is my story. I really feel that I am going to get it for my son for his birthday because he has a skin rash on his face that the doctors attribute to some sort of fungus and I am going to start him on Candelim and he is already interested in Candida too he is very aware of what he eats, he is a chef.

Does this sound plausible or I imagining, I am not, I know it is psycho-semantic illnesses are but I just feel that this really works, as I say I was skeptical, but it really works and I just wanted to commend the good doctor for doing this. It’s just really amazing. Where the heck did he come up with oils of conifers? Apparently the oils that are in it is mostly conifers except for the few which is, I don’t know, it might be a conifer.

Dr. Sharon Livingston: Well this is not my area of expertise, my area of expertise is in interviewing people to find out what happened and although I definitely have an interest in all kinds of health related things, so I have done a lot of research on health myself, but it sounds fantastic. What were you looking for when you were searching on the internet what were you actually searching and what was it that Robert said in his…?

Charlie: Well first of all Candida elimination that is what I looked up and the name of his product is Candelim.

Dr. Sharon Livingston: Right.

Charlie: So it really came up first you know first or second or third you know between 1, 2 or 3. I think it came up number 1 when I looked up Candida elimination.

Dr. Sharon Livingston: Wow.

Charlie: It came up and I read what the research that he had been doing and how much involved he has been in it. I didn’t realize that he was involved with so many other health claims, but this one seems to have done it, it’s a 95% better and what happens is that I do go off my sugar free diet I mean just totally sugar free, no sugar in anything, I read labels, but you know I slowly go off of that as I get better which you know I have more control over it now so its nice to be able to have something with yeast in it for instance I couldn’t eat bread or drink beer for 28 years.

Dr. Sharon Livingston: Wow. Otherwise you would get this thing in our throat.

Charlie: Well the thing in the throat and I would also get essentially bleeding hemorrhoids from beer.

Dr. Sharon Livingston: Wow.

Charlie: Oh yeah, other people this isn’t unique to me, it has happened with other people, too, but you know perhaps it is one that keeps healing and keeps breaking, I don’t know exactly the physiology of it but no more, it was like I was in beer jail for 28 years and now I drink non alcoholic beer, I am addicted to it.

Dr. Sharon Livingston: That is really cute.

Charlie: It is really good for you too, beer is really good for you and you know I am not saying that the addition of all of those B vitamins hasn’t done anything to my homeostasis, but it may have because beer really is good for you. In most I think cultures started by drinking beer, that was their main stand 10,000 year old cultures, beer, good stuff.

Dr. Sharon Livingston: That’s great.

Charlie: Yeah but at any rate that is my story, I just really feel that it has helped.

Dr. Sharon Livingston: And may we use your story on his site?

Charlie: Yeah sure. Now I on my foot thing when I stopped it one of the feet came back, on one of the feet and then I started it again, when I started it again about oh, three weeks ago, four weeks, just about three weeks ago, it went away again.

Dr. Sharon Livingston: That is really cute. Well Charlie thank you very very much and I think that it is funny we both migrated from New York to New England.

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