Candida and Extreme Pain Eliminated*

Do parasites cause Candida? Are food allergies related to Candida? Are flu-like symptoms one of the ways that Candida affects you? These were all questions that Peggy had. After returning from a vacation with a persistent illness, swollen fingers and hands, and a pain so bad she says “her skin hurt all over”, she ended up in the hospital. Skip ahead to the present day, and Peggy’s discovery of Robert Harrison and his Candida website. For the first time, she really learned about how Candida affects the body, and how to fight it. She knew she finally found a reliable resource she could trust. After 12 years of constant pain, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, she is finally pain free. Find out what that’s like by listening to this compelling audio.

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Full Testimonial Transcript

Peggy: My story is a long one, Sharon, but I will tell you. Initially this is why I was so interested in the Candida products because it seemed to me I never heard anything like this before.

Apparently thousands of people a year travel and get infected with parasites and nobody talks about it because nobody can seem to get help. They just get sick and nobody can ever find where so they can’t prove anything.

I was literally sick on the way home on the plane. I had eaten. My mother and I had eaten the same thing, dinner. Two days later, throughout the two days, I was just not feeling myself. Not like violently ill or anything, but I got this rash and then the next day I had fevers, the next day I almost couldn’t get out of bed just for the feeling of being hit with the flu. For two more days I am literally in bed, like chronic fatigue syndrome. My joints hurt, I am swollen, my fingers were unrecognizably swollen. My face had swollen so that it looked like I was allergic to bee stings and stung everywhere. You know that kind of swollen?

Dr. Sharon Livingston: My goodness.

Peggy: So I go to a doctor and they say well you are allergic to something you ate or whatever and they try a couple of medications. Two weeks later I am sound asleep in bed, nothing. You know I had been trying to get up and go to work and I am calling in sick. Two weeks more pass still in the same condition. I had all the same symptoms but everything got worse: the swollen, the joints, the pain, the fevers, the chills and meanwhile not knowing exactly what is happening. To a lighter extent my mother is having the same symptoms and we were the only two who ate the night before.

So you know basically after that initial infection which was like a month long it seemed like I couldn’t get out of bed, I finally got up and went back to work and did some things and I had been tired. That rash went away and the swelling went down but I still had some joint pains. But as this year goes on now after this I continue to lose weight and I started at 98 pounds.

Dr. Sharon Livingston: Oh my.

Peggy: And I was 5’4”.

Dr. Sharon Livingston: Oh my.

Peggy: These are really serious bugs when I tell you I had to be treated with a medication that we had to go get weekly in New York City that cost thousands of dollars a week.

Dr. Sharon Livingston: Oh my god.

Peggy: We are not talking a little tired like I put on my pajamas and went to bed and just called in sick to work. I am telling you I could have slept through my house being on fire. I used to be a light sleeper, barely sleeping 5-6 hours a night and feeling fine in my 30s.

So we would go straight back then by the end of that five months of testing to me having that same rash with the same swollen joints and the same swollen face and now I am thinking to myself “holy shit what is wrong that I could be so seriously ill?” Literally if you touched, or if I had to turn over in the bed my skin would hurt, my head hurt so bad, my hair hurt. I can’t explain to you the pain I was in and it was just over joint pain. So I didn’t know what to do. I traveled around, researching as much as I can and I get myself to a rheumatologist who starts testing me for every possible auto immune disease there is. As far as the tests that can be positive tested, positive for lupus. But it took three more years to figure it out. That three years I was so sick because it was just continuing to ravage. One day I tried to get out of bed I basically fell on the floor and my husband said, “all right I will help you up.” I went to go grab him and I couldn’t move. I was paralyzed from the nipple line down. I felt nothing.

Dr. Sharon Livingston: Oh my god.

Peggy: So he gets me to a hospital in New York City because of that specialist who gave me the name of the biggest lupus person there is. He sees me in Columbia Presbyterian and he says, “look we are going to give you these huge doses of steroids now because we are going to try to save your spine. Apparently there is an inflammatory process that has totally eaten through your spinal track.

“So you know we don’t know if you are ever going to be able to walk again, this is a syndrome called Transverse Myelitis and its like the million-to-one complication of lupus because you were never actually treated early or quick enough.” They couldn’t get control of it so it just continued to eat through the bone in my spine to the point of cutting off the nerves. So this guy got thousands of milligrams of steroids into me fast enough, but he told me that he is in his mid ‘60s (at that time 12 years ago) and that he was the number one physician in those Consumer Reports for rheumatology, the number one guy, I mean $5,000 to walk in type of situation. If I didn’t know somebody I never would have gotten in to see him. That is just how it is, but he has seen three people in his entire career who have this complication of lupus and none of them can walk. I was the fourth person and I got the steroids in fast enough and I was able to walk again, albeit barely. This is where I started off with lupus, so now none of my medications could get control of lupus.

Dr. Sharon Livingston: What a horror.

Peggy: I ended up with two years of chemotherapy to try and contain this lupus and not have it ruin the rest of my body. During that time I was so weakened that now it affected my second organ. The first was the bone, now it affected my lungs, and I was so tired and asleep for 20 hours [a day], for three years of not waking up, that my oxygen levels were so low that when I got to the emergency room I was directly put on a respirator. I couldn’t even tell them who I was. They didn’t even know if I was going to live through it. Apparently they told my husband between the bone situation and having such a low oxygen level we don’t even know if she will wake up and know who she is. We don’t know how long she has been without oxygen. I don’t know how I hibernated throughout that and lived with enough oxygen to not have my brain totally affected. It’s a lupus pneumonitis so it has all the symptoms of pneumonia but it’s not actually bacteria like you would have in a normal situation. It’s just an inflammatory process that has all the same symptoms. In other words, they treat this pneumonia, and since there is no bacteria. It’s just the lupus is fooling the body into symptoms of pneumonia, there is nothing really to treat. You have to either see if that person is strong enough to get over it with anti-inflammatory drugs. So eventually I wake up but of course you could imagine how I come home from this hospital. I was so bloated from these steroids between the bones and the pneumonia. I was like 140 pounds, the size of my abdomen.

So this pump in my abdomen: I have only had it for a year-and-a-half. That is how much time I was in bed not taking care of my family, and basically on pain medication to just get to the bathroom. Now I had a year-and-a-half, my youngest was a year-and-a-half old. She doesn’t remember me well so now that I am up and back on my feet with this pump she is thrilled. My older two feel like I was taken away for good because I never got up again.

I couldn’t even get to a food store so I used to have food delivered, and then my husband would pick up fresh items to get us through.

It was literally a homeopath that I found in Hudson County that I used to go visit. Her initial test, I am sorry, but her initial testing was through looking at my tongue and all symptomology and she was to give remedies that she would make and I would bring home and it was the first time anything felt better and you could actually see an improvement, but because I was so sick I would have had to have worked with her on a continuous basis probably for five years because of, you know, how these remedies work. I just keep getting sick whether I was having the chemotherapy like I was trying medically and doing that at the same time not realizing that you have to just get sick enough not to take the medication and go ahead medically to be able to let the homeopathic medication to work.

So literally when I got on Robert’s website not only is the information written clear enough for I believe some lay people to understand, it is still over a lot of heads. I gave it to my mom to see the website and see what was making me feel better so you know I gave it to her, and she had a hard time understanding and she is a very smart person.

Dr. Sharon Livingston: What was it that it said that it excited you?

Peggy: It was the way he explained everything so that you would understand how you got sick. Never once did he say, “take my product and you will get better or you will you now feel this.” He wasn’t selling his product. He was interested. The information was set out for you to understand why you lost function because of this digestive process and it made so much sense according to the symptoms and things matched up. You know how many doctors have I seen throughout this 12 years that couldn’t put two and two together for it to make sense enough for me to follow through with them? I would go look for another physician and this one person, whoever wrote these articles on that website, literally just wanted you to understand it so that you could make a decision and he would say, “look even if you took this information and went elsewhere this is how it is affecting you.”

Dr. Sharon Livingston: What specifically did he say?

Peggy: I can’t explain it to you; he just wasn’t trying to sell you anything.

There are so many people out there that every time you get onto a site they will say “well I promise that you will do this if you buy this” and he didn’t say that. His articles were for you to understand how you got sick and what it is doing to you even if you left that website and went somewhere else and never took his products. You could tell by the way it was written, and like I said I am a medical person, that he wasn’t interested that you took his products. He was interested that you understood the process.

The process of how yeast, how antibiotics affect your digestive system and what happens when yeast takes over, and all the drugs that I took, that is exactly what happened. The steroids drop your immune system function enough that the regular good bacteria go away and you start to develop symptoms of Candida or yeast infection, medically not gynecological. Orally, in your fingers, under your nails; the signs that you would have more of a yeast infection as far as how you felt, and I am talking about in your gut, in your colon, and after all of the antibiotics and steroids, that is exactly how I felt. So if I couldn’t even get up because I couldn’t digest food and I had an overgrowth of bacteria in my colon that would continue to make me tired and not let me digest food and not let me heal, how could anything I ever did for myself with the lupus or anything else work?

I sent him a note because it said, “Contact us with any questions or concerns,” so I wrote this note to lightly explain what happened. I told him about my diagnosis and say these are the products that I thought would help my situation if you have any insight or time to help me I would appreciate it. I have taken some of these products before through a homeopath so I have some idea of what it could do for me if I could get going with some advice, because I am disabled and stuck at home and this physician is no longer in my area. Well in two days this man answered my mail and said this is what could help this, this is what could help this, and this is what could help this. You don’t have to take my products but this is what they are, if you choose to use them this is what should happen, this is how you should take it, this is what, whether I used his products or someone else’s, and when I said to him, “My god you know to be honest I wrote back this is a lot, some of the products are hundreds of dollars for just a month,” I said what are the top three because I cannot afford to do this at the time. I have been disabled for 10 years not working. My husband is a police officer, just at the time that I was taking care of myself with the lupus you know with my family right before this pump was put into my abdomen, the medication that it took for me to be able to get up and go to the bathroom and stay well and not have an infection was $15,000 a month. We had to put out in cash on a credit card and wait to be reimbursed by an insurance company.

So some of the products are literally $180 for one bottle and I would need three of them a month, but he said to me $35 each supplement no matter what it cost. Now can you tell me would you believe this person wanted to help you or not?

So how could I not literally take his advice and do what I could and at that point? At the $35 I ordered the first four products out of the 10 he told me, and I got started. In that first two months not only was my memory better but my fatigue was improving. There are times where if the lupus is active I can still sleep 20 hours a day, that has never changed in 12 years, but it hasn’t happened since I have been taking the products.

And I am taking candelim powder and the candelim elixir and those are the two for the yeast, the digestive track. I am taking nymsar and quzu.

Dr. Sharon Livingston: What are those for?

Peggy: They are both for inflammatory conditions so they would help direct my immune system to function the right way after it decreases the inflammation. And I am taking mind matters for the cognition system, the memory problems which are improving daily after that initial month and msm powder and, I don’t know how to say that one, but that is for the pain, they are both for the pain and the new one’s penuvu for pain. The pain has improved so I am standing upright. I have not been standing upright for seven years.

Dr. Sharon Livingston: Wow.

Peggy: All of these put together are having my immune system function instead of at a super high level attacking everything that comes near my body to not reacting so quickly and it’s cleaning up my body so the stuff that is working against the yeast is clearing out the bad bacteria and allowing the good bacteria back in my digestive system so that everything comes back into proper balance.

Honestly with everything working exactly as he told me it would in his initial letter to me and I tell you you could tell he was busy because he would write the name of the medication, what it would do like a dash and what it would do and how to take it. I no longer have pain 24 hours a day, seven days a week. I have had 12 years of solid pain there isn’t a day that I haven’t had so much pain I have taken 10 or 12 morphine doses a day. I don’t even take the pills anymore.

Listen let me just ask you, what are you hired by him to do this for him is that what this is?

Dr. Sharon Livingston: Yes.

Peggy: Ok I get it, all right.

Dr. Sharon Livingston: But you know I don’t work for just anybody. I am a psychologist and I have a lot of interests in alternative health and you know I have my own training so I only take people that I feel like I want to sing their praises.

Peggy: Oh my goodness please I can not tell you what he has done for me, I can not tell you. I don’t even know him and I feel like I would be able to recognize him in a crowd by how he would look.

Dr. Sharon Livingston: Oh that is great.

Peggy: I only say that because I call him my Alaskan Angel.

Because I don’t know how I would have ever felt this way without him and I only say that because I have felt so like I was being chased by a bat every time I would get one step ahead it would be two steps back because something else would happen. But this is the first time honestly that I have caught a break in the 12 years.

Dr. Sharon Livingston: Peggy you are fabulous, thank you so much and I wish you continued improvement and a wonderful birthday celebration today with your family.

Peggy: And you for your family and much success for both you and Robert really, honestly.


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