Candida and Antibiotics Link Finally Broken*

Roslyn almost died from liver failure on June 1, 2009. After being in the hospital with an IV of antibiotics, her digestive system was almost destroyed. After leaving the hospital, she never felt right again. And no matter what she did, she just felt worse. After doing some reading — and discovering that she had a vaginal yeast infection — Roslyn first read the words “Candida” and finally realized what she was suffering from. Find out how her digestion kept getting worse, how she lost weight almost uncontrollably, and how her health continued to decline. But then, after discovering Robert Harrison and his supplements, her life finally turned around. Find out how in this compelling audio.

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Full Testimonial Transcript

Dr. Sharon Livingston: Hi Roselyn, this is Sharon Livingston. How are you today?

Roselyn: Oh good. How are you? Oh that’s right an interview.

Dr. Sharon Livingston: So, well I am just kind of curious how you came to the website, you know what brought you there to begin with and what your experience has been. I would love to hear about it.

Roselyn: Ok, I self diagnosed Candida after I had a serious illness, a sudden serious illness almost three years ago. June 1st will be three years, and my husband rushed me to the emergency room. I almost died actually.

Dr. Sharon Livingston: Oh my goodness.

Roselyn: I was very close to liver failure. So fortunately, we got there in the nick of time and I was in the hospital for about four days and then I was able to go home. But I had been on IV antibiotics for 48 hours, a very intensive cocktail of IV antibiotics for those four days, and I don’t do very well with allopathic medicine. Anyway, so this was really bad because at some point I was begging them to take me off because I felt so sick from the antibiotics, but they said they had to keep me on them until the culture, the bacterial culture, came back. So that came back negative and they were finally able to take me off of them.

So I came home and my whole digestive system was just, how do I explain this to you, I couldn’t take in any food, I felt sick to my stomach. It is like I started to feel better from what they could only diagnose is sepsis caused by a virus. So I started to feel better but then the intensity and the quantity of antibiotics that I was given during the time that they were waiting for the bacterial culture to complete had just destroyed my digestive system to the point where I couldn’t take in any food or drink. I just felt sick to my stomach, I felt so sick. So they finally were able to when the culture was complete and it was proven negative, and so like I said, all they could do was determine it was sepsis caused by a virus. So I was sent home from the hospital and after a couple days my temperature was still high, but finally I was able to go home and I just wasn’t well because my digestive system was pretty well destroyed. I was weak and I had lost weight and I am very small and thin anyway. And so they took me about three-and-a-half weeks to get to the point where I was able to return to my job. I was taking probiotics and I got a different probiotic, I got one that was a much better one knowing that I had just had all of this antibiotic I got myself from our natural food store which is a really good one and really good people work there. I was recommended this very good one and so I was taking it and I was thinking that I was replenishing all of the good bacteria in my system. However, obviously I just wasn’t able to replenish it quickly enough and adequately enough and over the time I was seeing, I went to a new acupuncture doctor recommended by a friend. He was very helpful at the beginning and it seemed like I was getting stronger and better and feeling better and eating better and what not. But I started to have some, these symptoms that I didn’t understand, and when I would bring them up he would sort of say things like, “you feel that because you are so thin” or he would just sort of brush them off. So I thought, “well ok,” but at some point it was alarming to me how I was craving sugar, sweets, I was craving sweets and I have always liked sweets but I have always been able to keep it at a really nice balance with the rest of my diet. I was eating very healthfully but I was suddenly one of the symptoms was just I noticed that I was craving sweets like after every meal I wanted something sweet. I thought, “oh this is out of control, this is strange” and then I suddenly had some rashes on my legs and they got worse and worse. They looked like somewhat like eczema and my doctor, because they were sort of I guess you could call it bilateral, I had the same thing on the right as the left, my primary care physician said well when you have it on both sides equally it indicates that it is food related.

But my digestion is just getting worse and I am feeling sicker and I was losing weight because I couldn’t eat and I really came to a point where I was having pretty severe acid reflux and I really wasn’t able to eat because it was so awful. I tried, at first, after I diagnosed it, a friend loaned me a book and it’s called Sinus Survival Handbook because I was having more sinus infections which was odd to me. So she loaned me this book and she had had Candida for a long time and so I started reading it and what I read forwarded me to the chapter on Candida right away. I went to that chapter and I took the self test and I had like I don’t know, some 90, 85-90% of the symptoms. I said, “this is it,” I mean this is clearly what it is. So I immediately started researching and I started following the Candida diet but there is a lot of differences in different websites, different books that you look at. So it was very unclear to me, can I really have this? This site says yes, this site says no. So then I came down with a really serious vaginal yeast infection. So I took something that my doctor recommended which helped but it didn’t help as in certainly helpful the acid reflux and all of the other symptoms, it just cleared up the vaginal infection.

I was very thin, I was basically getting down to skin and bones, I was kind of a skeleton and I didn’t have a lot of energy and I always exercised and very active, and boy I couldn’t be so I didn’t know what to do and I just started to pray. I didn’t know where to turn. So I just started praying and my husband and I were coming home from a meditation retreat on Sunday evening and we stopped at the natural food store and I bumped into an old old friend, a woman I had done trainings with and such and in our conversation and checking in with each other I said that I was experiencing Candida and she told me she had had it for 15 years and a friend turned her on to some probiotics that have actually cleared up her Candida. So she was happy to sell me a box and so we met down from where I lived at the community center the next day and she gave me a box that, I forget exactly what, I can’t remember the name of it off the top of my head right now, but anyway it was on Robert’s website when she first bought it and she didn’t know how much, and I don’t know if it is still there, no its not, its not. So she didn’t know how much to charge me so she said she would, so I guess she looked it up on the website and he no longer had it on the website so I think she also had gotten it from Amazon. So she got the price from Amazon and she told me that she had gone to the original website and it was no longer there but she said I saw all of these other Candida products and so I requested the information on all of these products on your behalf. So great and one day somewhat there after I received in the mail this envelope filled with information on all of his Candida products and I looked through it and I said I think this is what I need, I need to try this.

Dr. Sharon Livingston: What made you feel that way? What made you say I think this is what I need?

Roselyn: Reading the description of the products like the Candida, Candiclearifies, reading what is the ingredients in the Candiclearafies and then it talks about what it would do for you, how it will heal you.

Dr. Sharon Livingston: What did it say that was so compelling to you?

Roselyn: It talked about how it actually kills off the Candida blooms and it rids your body of toxins and it also clears out heavy metals. I think you know and there may be more but I know that those are three major things. And then there was total flora 15 which is a specific to Candida probiotic and I don’t remember the others to be honest with you. I just saw there are quite a number of them. So I just said I am going to call and I done a lot of alternative healing in my life and I am very open, I am very open to it and my body responds pretty well, very well actually, to a lot of alternative healing, and actually another answer to my prayer came before I actually connected with Robert. I work for the county I live in health and human services office and one of my clients, a Latino woman who had had an accident, a head injury, came in before I had contacted Robert. Actually she was telling me that she had a healing by this woman this like an energy healing and all of her symptoms had gone away and I just said I need her number and I want to connect with her. So I did a couple of healings with this woman and she helped me actually be able to start eating. She had suggested certain things that worked initially and I was actually able to just begin eating again. But it wasn’t taking care of the acid reflux that is for sure and again I knew more it was beaded I knew that, I know my body really well and like I said I have done a lot of holistic and alternative healing and I knew that again this was another step in the right direction. But it wasn’t enough and then Robert’s information came to me. So I called the day after I got it in the mail I called and I spoke to one of the women that answered and I said told her my little story and I said I am really interested, I want to know more about these products, I think that I would like to probably start taking some of these things but I don’t even know where to begin. There is so much here and so she asked me if I would like to have a consultation with Robert and I said yes I would. So she called me back that very day, he called me later that day and I talked to him and I told him what was going on. Just his patience and his calmness, he just has a healing manner about him and you know just I am a highly sensitive person so I pick up on a lot of things that maybe others might not, but his voice and the way he talks. He said to me how old are you and I told him my age and he said how is your bone density and I said well I just had it tested this year and it is kind of on the low side but I am also a very small and very petite woman and so he said well that makes sense, but it is not usual that someone who has Candida the first product that would come up as the most important would be a calcium magnesium supplement.

It wasn’t dangerous, but OCMP would be a good product for me, it’s the most important product right then because it would balance the calcium magnesium and it would also break down the calcification. So that was good. And then the second product, I can’t remember which was second, but when he said to me which nobody had talked about and I was not going to take western medicine for it and I didn’t know what to do about the acid reflux, but he said to me and the other product that is very important for you is GI Pro which is for digestion and specifically for acid reflux. And when he said acid reflux I just was sold, I just said that is it, that is like one of the major things that I am experiencing right now is acid reflux. So I was sold right there. I knew that he was getting it, he was very humble when I said to him, “ok I am going to buy all of these products from you, I never met you, I don’t know who you are and I am putting my trust in you.” You know it was just kind of like, in this sort of question way I am putting my trust in you and he said well, he was very humble and he said something like well you know the feedback I get is very positive and he said that I am good at this, I am not perfect he wasn’t a sales man, he wasn’t trying to sell me anything at all and so I said ok, I am going to try a months worth, lets go for a month with Candiclear and with OCMP and the GI Pro and the total Flora. If I am not mistaken those are my four that I started with and I started taking them immediately that they came.

I started to see improvement pretty quickly. I started to be able to eat and feel better pretty quickly and I could call him, I could ask him questions. He was very, very patient and he didn’t rush me and he answered all of my questions very clearly very in the detail I needed, and then anytime I had to call him because of whatever that has been going on for me I have always, he has always just been there, he listens. I have been taking his supplements for a year now, I have been on the Candida diet for a year and a half and I feel pretty clean right now, I am calling next week for a consultation.

Dr. Sharon Livingston: And so what is different from a year-and-a-half ago, what is different?

Roselyn: What is different is that my skin is completely cleared up, there is no acid reflux what so ever. I am trying to think of all the symptoms that I had; I had headaches, I woke up every morning with a background headache, I don’t have headaches any longer, anxiety, I had this unexplainable anxiety that I really didn’t have control over sometimes. It wasn’t all the time, but I could sometimes wake up feeling like this anxiety for no specific reason, a non specific anxiety and that completely went away and I had lost about 8 pounds which is huge for me because, just to give you a little specifics here, I only weigh 90 pounds normally.

Dr. Sharon Livingston: Oh my goodness.

Roselyn: I am 5 feet and ½ inch to be specific and I was down to 82 pounds and it was awful. I just looked, I really looked like a skeleton, I didn’t like going out my front door because I looked so, I was so skinny. I lost all of my musculature and so I started to be able to exercise more frequently. I go to a little fitness center right by my work, I go at lunch and work out and I also walk on the days I don’t go to the gym. I do an aerobic walk and I do yoga. Also I go to a yoga studio and my ability to do these things had diminished so much and I lost all of my muscle. So I started to be able to eat better and my weight started to come up. The Candiclear is really, really excellent in helping with elimination for me. And then also Robert suggested I take five teaspoons of sesame oil. I use raw sesame oil, five teaspoons of raw sesame oil and three teaspoons of flax seed oil and I put olive oil on my salads. Every day I have those oils to help my body absorb the products better, to absorb my food better.

Dr. Sharon Livingston: Oh interesting.

Roselyn: Yeah so he said it would help in the absorption. So I have been doing that for a long time too. So yeah so it’s just been a healing journey from day one, it’s been a healing journey for me.

Dr. Sharon Livingston: That is really wonderful. Have you recommended him, have you ever recommended Robert or Get Healthy again to other people?

Roselyn: I have. I don’t talk about it to people unless it comes up, I mean its not something that you know I will bring up unless somebody asks me, you know, about what I am doing or whatever and I have given the website to a couple of people.

Dr. Sharon Livingston: Fantastic. That is great and so Roselyn that is just a wonderful wonderful story I really want to thank you for sharing it. Does he have your permission to use your, what you have said, to talk about the site and his products?

Roselyn: Yes, hope you would put it in a format, that I trust you will put it in a format that is, and like you said you would take out all the ums and ahs and all of that.

Dr. Sharon Livingston: Oh for sure. So you will sound terrific, you will sound absolutely terrific.

Roselyn: I just want to end it on a really positive note a really exciting note and you don’t have to put this in, this is for you, I mean you are welcome to use it, but that is not necessarily why I am telling you. I am telling you because I think its really exciting, I am retiring at the end of next month.

Dr. Sharon Livingston: Oh my goodness.

Roselyn: Yeah, its time and I am 64 and I will be 65 in September so I am retiring from my job and as a retirement celebration kind of a trip of a lifetime my husband he is taking a sabbatical and we are going to, and this was really important to me to get well and its been my motivation for really speeding up the process of healing, we are going to do a trek around the base of Mont Blanc and it goes through Italy and Switzerland and France.

It is very exciting and I did the training with a fitness trainer. It’s a very tiny gym, I am out in a rural area in Point Reyes California and I did a training with the fitness trainer and she gave me a program specifically because I had lost all of my musculature and my muscles are weak, and so she gave me a program to strengthen, to improve my strength and endurance and I am actually physically ready at this point to do this trek.

Dr. Sharon Livingston: Fantastic, wow.

Roselyn: All I can say is that I really honor and feel tremendous gratitude to Robert and to his commitment to finding the best products that exist and to matching them up with his clients.

Dr. Sharon Livingston: That is really wonderful to hear, yes.

Roselyn: He is just so committed, he is so, oh what word do I want, he really is committed to helping people heal; the website really speaks for itself. He wants people, he wants to help people get healthy, he is committed to that.

Dr. Sharon Livingston: That is wonderful I think that is a good place to end and I hope you have a wonderful trip that sounds fantastic.

Roselyn: Thank you, thank you very much.


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